PRESS RELEASE: @Marr_Reid’s Momentum Builds


Reggae recording artiste Marr is making the necessary moves to improve his musical content and capture a wider audience. With his conscious lyrics and unique sound, Marr has been vigorously promoting his single ‘Stars of Wonder’ on the ‘Other Day Riddim’ produced by 10 Star Recordz and Kapreno Production. Additionally he premiered his video for the single as directed by Haynes Video Production and N.F.E Entertainment on Hype TV’s Up and Live recently.

Marr, who is originally from Old Harbour, St. Catherine shared “Everywhere I go, especially in and around Old Harbour, the fans love the energy of the single and they respect the fact that I used community members in the video as well”. With the support of his community, along with his single getting air play on stations like Suncity 104.9 FM and recently Fame FM, Marr’s fan base has grown tremendously.

In addition to these successes, Marr is gearing up to release his mixtape ‘Rebellution’ in July and continue into the summer with European promotions. He added that even though this is a new experience for him, he is enjoying it and is getting used to being a public figure.

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NEW VIDEO: @HypeTVJamaica Up And Live Interviews @Marr_Reid


Recently, upcoming Reggae artist Marr was a featured guest on Hype Tv’sUp and Live” show. Hosted by Supa Hype, viewers were introduced to the artist and his new video “Stars Of Wonder“. Marr even gave viewers a quick performance of his single. If don’t know, now you know about this upcoming artist. Look out for more offerings from Marr including his upcoming “Rebellution” Mixtape. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: Online Buzz For @Marr_Reid!

Marr (1)

10 Star Recordz signed artiste Marr has been receiving increased online buzz since the release of his reggae single, ‘Stars of Wonder’. The single produced by 10 Star Recordz and Kapreno Production is on the ‘Other Day Riddim’ and it speaks to the harsh reality and struggle that Jamaicans face.

With his growing success, Marr has released the video for the single which was shot and directed by Haynes Video Production and N.F.E Entertainment. The video shot in areas of Old Harbour, St. Catherine and in Salt River, Clarendon features several supporters of the artiste. “As an upcoming artiste I treasure the support for my community and my fans elsewhere, it means a lot to me to hear my music out there” shared Marr.

In addition to his newly released video, Marr is set to release his first mix tape entitled ‘Rebellution’ which is a fusion of the word ‘Rebellious’ and ‘Revolution’ in July. This mixtape features 14 tracks and was inspired by the autobiography of Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie and Malcolm X. Marr further described the singles featured as “hard hitting” and “conscious”.

The mix tape will feature singles such as ‘Stars of Wonder’ by Marr, ‘Please Prime Minister’ by Oska and ‘We a One’ by Zimbabwe artiste Saint Tee just to name a few. Marr is set to release his first album ‘Artistic Connection’ later this year.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know @Marr_Reid


Marr is an upcoming Reggae artist hailing from Old Harbour, St. Catherine. Affiliated with 10 Star Recordz, he aims to captivate listeners worldwide with his string of Reggae singles and conscious lyrics. Get to know the artist below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


1. Which artist has had the most influence over the kind of music you do?

Sizzla Kalonji

2. List five things that you cannot live without.

I cannot live without my family, women, geographical beauty of nature, music and Marijuana.

3. What is your favourite Bob Marley song?

Iron Lion Zion

4. If you got the chance to collaborate with any artist, who would it be?


5. List 3 of your favourite songs.

Untold story (Buju Banton), Iron Lion Zion (Bob Marley), Black Woman And Child (Sizzla)

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NEW VIDEO: @Marr_Reid – Stars Of Wonder


It’s getting fiery! Today’s new video comes from recording artist, Marr. Titled “Stars Of Wonder“, this was shot by No Folly Entertainment and directed by Celethia Wright, Marr speaks on his life and striving for greatness. Shot in his community, Marr is on a mission to be heard and is currently working on his “Rebellution” mixtape with 10 Star Records. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @Marr_Reid Releases “Stars Of Wonder”


Up and coming artiste Marr, who is signed to the 10 Star Recording Label has released the first single to jump-start his career entitled ‘Stars of Wonder’. The reggae single, produced by 10 Star Recordz and Kapreno Production, is on the ‘Other Day Riddim’ and it speaks to the harsh reality and struggle that Jamaicans face.

Marr, who grew up in Old Harbour, St. Catherine has been a victim to hardship and as such he describes the single as “heartfelt” and “real”. Deriving inspiration from the likes of Sizzla Kalonji and I-Wayne, Marr believed that his lyrics should speak to social commentary on Jamaican life and on topics of love and prosperity. He shared “I want to be remembered for doing foundation music, it is very important for me to make a positive mark in the music industry”.

With the feedback from the single ‘Star of Wonder’, Marr and his management team aim to shoot a video to compliment the single. It will be shot by Haynes Video Production and N.F.E Entertainment.“This video will depict exactly what the song speaks to and at the end of it I hope to deliver a clear message to those in authority, that Jamaica needs change” shared Marr.

In addition to the release of this video, 10 Star Recordz is working closely with the artiste to complete his first mix tape entitled ‘Rebellution’. This mix tape is a full hard hitting social commentary inspired by African consciousness and aims to uplift an “unconscious mind”.

Marr is set to release ‘Rebellution’ in June and his album ‘Artistic Connection’ later this year.

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