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Rygin King Reflects On “Inna Mi Mind”

Emerging Dancehall Artist Rygin King has proven that he has staying power. As one of the Artistes who made a difference with the singles “Tuff”, and “Feel Like This (Big Toe)” in the late 2010s, the Montego Bay based Artist continues to grow his brand, and his fanbase locally, and internationally. While there are good times to celebrate, the bad times aren’t too far, and he shares his thoughts in the video for his “Inna Mi Mind” single.

Directed by the acclaimed Terminal 4 Media, Rygin King reflects on some of his various tribulations in the “Inna Mi Mind” video, but is staying strong with the mindset that he is a fighter who will overcome all challenges. The video sees him at multiple locations speaking his mind, with one scene highlighting different times in his life through broken pieces of glass. Having been a survivor of gun violence in 2020, Rygin King has emerged better than ever, with the grace to make the life for himself and others even better. The single was produced by Zukie Records, and released in May 2021. It has enjoyed thousands of streams on music streaming platforms so far, and the music video looks to gradually boost the numbers. A multi-faceted Artist, “Inna Mi Mind” is one of the more introspective songs from Rygin King, as he has shared that he’ll be releasing more conscious music in the future.

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NEW VIDEO: @LattyJWorld – Bumpa


This goes out to all the ladies with a large derriere! After premiering her music video on Hype TV, the public can now watch Latty J’sBumpa“. Directed by Terminal 4 Media, this was shot at an undisclosed location, a garage and the Palisadoes Strip. In the video Latty gets ready to hit the airport with her friends (A preview of “Teenie” was featured), while making their way to their destination they met in an accident and the only way they could rectify the situation was to thrill the motorist with their bumpers. Lots of booty shaking in this one, and the single is a fun one to listen to. If I was the Police Officer who came all the way to the strip on a bike only to be turned back, I’d be pissed. Look out for more from Latty J this year. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @RynoDiStinga – Baddest Thing

RSFollowing his win at the Sting 2013 clash, Black Ryno has been steadily releasing singles. Recently he released the video for the single, “Baddest Thing“. Directed by Terminal 4 Media, Ryno is seen showing off his Clash Champion belt and declaring that he’s the “Baddest Thing” while being accompanied by dancing ladies. Looking forward to more Ryno singles this year and although it’s too early to call and minus the jabs he’s received lately, who will clash with him? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @MrVegasMusic – Bare Tingz

With all the drama that has been going on with Mr. Vegas in the past few weeks he decided to not only make a song about it, but also a music video. Bare Tingz is the name of the song and with Terminal 4 Media directing the video, Vegas reenacts the infamous scene, seeks help from his therapist, and chats with his friends. How funny is the part where he takes out the hidden camera and gives the disappointed face after viewing? Check out the video above and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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