Mixtape Movements: @AcMatic – Almost EP

It’s here peeps! After teasing you with a few songs and videos Acmatic finally released their long awaited “AlmostEP. Featuring 9 tracks, this EP promises to have you crashing rooms, girls popping booties, heads banging and everyone having fun. If you’re in Kingston Jamaica be sure to support the team by attending their release party at Top Floor Quad tonight. Details here. Check out the EP below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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GUEST POST: @Acmatic – Almost EP Listening Session (@Shanny_14 x @LGrandison)

In preparation for Acmatic’s upcoming release of their “Almost” EP on Thursday, Shana Reid and Leethan Grandison stopped by Big Yard Studios to participate in a listening session. Even though they arrived late, they’ve managed to get a taste of what’s to come from the crew.

Songs Heard:


SR/LG – Expected to be a club banger. Beats reflecting what you can expect for your regular Friday night out. The beat also gives you a groovy vibe to just have fun…it will move you on the club floor.
Focus On My Ride” is echoed at regular intervals, vocalist Phillip “King Lopo” Lopez says its all aimed at what you want…I think the focus is just fun! Lol.

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