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OLDIES SUNDAY: Jimmy Riley – Tell The Youths The Truth (1978)

Greetings! How about a throwback? Today, we celebrate the birthday of a Jamaican Music Icon, and his name is Jimmy Riley! Today, we go back in time to check out his track, “Tell The Youths The Truth“!

The self produced track was released in 1978 through the High Note label in Jamaica, and in the UK through Trojan Records. On the track, Jimmy Riley spreads a message that everyone should be conscious of where they’re coming from, be proud of their roots, and call out those who choose to hide the knowledge. “Tell The Youths The Truth” was a hit for Jimmy Riley, and became one of his memorable singles. The track was featured on his 1978 album of the same name. Prior to his solo career, he was a member of The Sensations and The Uniques, and has worked with Bunny “Striker” Lee, and Sly & Robbie.

Since the release of “Tell The Youths The Truth”, Jimmy Riley scored more hits as a solo Artist, and assisted in developing the career of his son Tarrus. Jimmy Riley transitioned to the big dance session in the sky in 2016, and has left behind a legacy that will inspire many.

thank you Jimmy Riley For This Classic!

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.@RyginKingO Covers The Classic “Stop That Train” With The Late U-Roy!

In February 2021, the world lost a Music legend, and a Jamaican Icon named Ewart “U-Roy” Beckford. A man who has greatly contributed to the ever changing musical landscape, you can call him the Originator of how you put the lyrics together. While the world misses him, there were talks about putting together a final album for the great U-Roy. It was revealed with the title, “Solid Gold U-Roy“, and one of the singles that made the album features one of Dancehall’s hottest acts, Rygin King on a cover of the classic single, “Stop That Train“.

Produced by Sharna Liguz, Youth, and Zak Starkey, we see two Artists from two great generations join forces to give us something different. The single covers the 1967 version of the Keith & Tex Rocksteady version of “Stop That Train”. The 1967 version is cover/remake of The Spanishtonians’ 1965 Ska original that speaks of a woman whose boyfriend is leaving her via train, and she wants to join him on board. U-Roy also released a cover version in 2009/10. Both Keith & Tex and U-Roy & Rygin’s versions speak from a man’s perspective however. While many are familiar with Rygin King’s style of music, they’d be surprised to know what he enjoys in his downtime, and seeing this collaboration is just a fraction of what can happen. With the late U-Roy’s signature toasting/deejaying, this an “OG meets the Young General” moment, and we know the posthumous U-Roy album has a lot more gems. This could pave the way for a lot more collaborations like this, and we’re here for it! Call us up so we can be a part of it. For more U-Roy, check out our special U-Roy Playlist here. “Solid Gold U-Roy” is now available for pre-order through Trojan Records, and will be released on July 16, 2021. Continue sleeping in peace, Daddy U-Roy!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: The Harry J Allstars – The Liquidator (1969)


Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from The Harry J Allstars, lead by the late Producer, Harry Johnson a.k.a. Harry J. Titled “The Liquidator“, this was an instrumental created in 1969 for Harry J Records. The people involved in the creation along with Harry included Winston Wright (Organs), Aston Barrett (Bass), and Carlton Barrett (Percussion). It was said the Instrumental was originally made for Singer Tony Scott’sWhat Am I To Do” minus a few elements. It was recorded but Harry Johnson bought the rights to the song, licensed it to Trojan Records with credit to The Harry J Allstars and added more instrumentals.

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Teddy Magnus a.k.a. Alan Magnus - Flying Machine on 13thStreetPromotions.com

OLDIES SUNDAY: Alan “Teddy” Magnus – Flying Machine (1971)

You didn’t know Alan Magnus of RJR 94FM did music huh? Well while doing radio gigs he also spotlighted as a singer in the late 1960s and 1970s under the moniker “Teddy” Magnus. “Flying Machine” was one of his hits and was made in 1971 and the lyrics suggests being in a flying machine racing with birds and watching people staring in awe. This song still gets played to this day and brings back many memories for older listeners and the singer himself. You can catch Alan Magnus hosting morning radio mondays to fridays on Radio Jamaica. Check out the song and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Ken Boothe – Everything I Own (1974)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from the impeccable Ken Boothe. Titled “Everything I Own” and released in 1974 by Trojan Records, this was a cover version of the David Gates penned and Bread performed single which was released in 1972. Ken Boothe put his own reggae twist on the song and laced it with his unique singing style. This song went on to have many other cover versions from artists including Boy George, Rod Stewart, Nicole Sherzinger and *NSYNC. Ken Boothe’s version however is considered the best version.

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