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IWaata Makes A “Wikid Play” In New Video!

Dancehall Artist IWaata has not been slacking when it comes to producing content. With a collection of singles and music videos to match, you can safely say he is consistent. Lyrically, he is one of the celebrated Artists, and he continues to improve on his flow time and time again. For his next move, he makes a “WiKiD Play” in his new music video!

Directed by Shane Creative for Wikid Media, IWaata gets in the game like a star player at a championship game. Over some Wikid Media Music/Finesse Club/ZIMI Ent. production, IWaata continues to handle beats like the Football (Soccer) player that knows all the dribbling moves. Some may say IWaata is underrated, but at least he’s keeping his name out there with content like this. Pop Champagne!

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.@Kyoka_Donn Prays For Better Days On “Hurt People”

Life is filled with ups and downs, and our experiences shape how we conduct ourselves and journey through life. Some may have had beautiful moments for most of their lives, while others have experienced pain and hardships. Upcoming Artist Kyoka has experienced a lot in her lifetime, and she speaks on some of them in her debut single, “Hurt People“.

Featuring production by Zimi Ent., Kyoka gives us lyrics we can all relate to. We get hurt, especially by people we love and care about, but that hurt may linger and cause us to hurt others, and it moves on to others and creates cycles. In Kyoka’s eyes, people are fake, and are only here to use and abuse so she is very cautious of who shares her energy with. Many of us are broken one way or another, but is there a fix? May we pray for better days. Kyoka takes our thoughts and channels them well in her song, and accompanying it is a well shot music video directed by Ruption of RD Studios. Kyoka comes out strong for her debut, and we believe she’ll be around for a long time.

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.@RudeJerms Stays Counting His “Blessings” With A New Video!

It’s been a while since we’ve featured something from Rude Jerms. He has been on the grind since we featured “Why Me” and “Pop Champagne“, and he’s ready for a takeover. Recently he teamed up with frequent collaborator ShotByDeth for the “Blessings” visual. While his subject matters speaks on the blessings he receives and the moves he’s making along the way, the video finds him chilling with the team and popping up at a couple events. Shout out IOTOSH for the production. While the Hip Hop scene is nothing new to Jamaica, the “Trap Music” era continues to influence many to bring their own sound to the world. Watch out for “Bare moves” as Rude Jerms is connected with the ZimiEnt crew. Check out the video below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@TommyLeeSparta & @BakerSteez Blaze Trails In New “Propane” Visual!

Stay away from all fire prone objects, this one is too hot! When Dancehall meets Trap, “Sparta Boss” Tommy Lee Sparta teamed up with the “TopmanBaker Steez for the UIM Records produced “Propane“. Today, they finally released the visual for the song. Directed by RuptionDiBoss of RD Studios with assistance from ShotByDeth, we get a gritty visual filled with lots of fire, gasoline, hostages, ladies, and a whole heap of “badness“! Keep the extinguisher near just in case, and get rid of the flammable clothes. Watch the “Propane” video below.

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