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.@BusySignal_Turf Featured On @Omarion’s “The Kinection” Album

US R&B/Pop artist Omarion has enjoyed a long career as a member of the boy band B2K, and as a solo artist. With plenty of hits under his belt, he has proved to himself and the world that anything is possible once you put in the work. Recently, he released his 6th studio album, “The Kinection“, and it features Dancehall artist, Busy Signal!

Teaming up for the album’s opener, “Goddess“, Omarion dabbles in a blend of Pop and Island sounds while delivering his signature vocals throughout. Busy Signal steps in near the end with the opening line, “Bubble bubble gyal don’t slow down, things feel better when you go down…” and brought even more vibes to the track. Busy has been racking up International collaborations for years, and has never missed the mark. Prior to Omarion, he was featured on Major Lazer’s latest album, “Music Is The Weapon“.

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.@BusySignal_Turf Remixes The Covers In Our New Playlist!

We know him as “Busy Signal” or “Turf Boss“, but his Mama named him Reanno Gordon. Today we celebrate Busy Signal’s 40th birthday with our latest Playlist. While many will be playing the hits, we look back at his ability to flip various original songs in the “Busy Signal Remixes The Covers” Playlist! Featuring over an hour of tracks, if you thought he only tackled “One More Night” and “Night Shift“, you’ll be pleasantly surprised on what we found. Be sure to shout out Busy today. Check out the playlist below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @BusySignal_Turf – Step Out (2005)

The 2000s gave us some awesome Dancehall music, don’t you agree? Today’s Oldies Sunday selections brings some energy from that era courtesy of Busy Signal! Today we feature his breakout hit, “Step Out“! Produced by Equiknoxx Music on the “Step Out Riddim“, this was released in 2005 and had eyes and ears focused on Busy as he brought a unique sound to the game.

The song proved to be successful as it helped to propel the Deejay onto the forefront of the Dancehall scene. The success didn’t come without controversy however as various Producers were credited to producing the track. In the end, the true Producers were given the proper recognition, and the track went on to be featured on many compilations including Busy Signal’s 2006 debut album, “Step Out“. Since “Step Out”, Busy has went on to release many more hit singles and projects. Though he was in trouble with the law and found himself in the midst of various feuds, Busy’s career went on to flourish to this day.

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@BusySignal_Turf & @MajorLazer Want You To Take Flight On “Jump”!

It’s the end of the work day, or work week, what are your plans for the weekend? Want to party but don’t feel the vibe? Well Major Lazer and Busy Signal want to give you that jolt of energy with their Music Video for “Jump“! Directed and produced by Dan Streit & Lindsey Nico Mann, we’re treated to a trippy visual filled with lots of dancing and hopping mad folks. Loving the editing on this one, and the Major Lazer sound definitely fits the video and will get you ready to take on the weekend! Off their Summer release, “Know No Better EP“, if you’re not jumping, you need prayer. Check out the video below!

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @BusySignal_Turf


With news of his recent arrest in Trinidad still a buzz worthy topic, Busy Signal stopped by the Onstage set to speak on his predicament and more. Here he gave details on his legal situation, the status of his Charity Organization, and his plans for the rest of the summer. We wish Busy Signal all the best on his case, and we hope his Lawyer, K.D. Knight, handles it well. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @BusySignal_Turf


Taking a page out of Shaggy’s book is Dancehall artist Busy Signal. Starting his own foundation, he aims to help the people of St. Ann, his birth parish. Recently he spoke with Onstage TV’s Jason Williams about it and more. Here he spoke on his “Helping Hands” foundation and the progress so far, setting up a benefit concert, aiming to expand it to other parishes, encouraging more people to follow in his footsteps and contribute, and working on new music. A noble effort from Busy Signal, I do hope it gets the well needed support to help communities for a very long time. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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