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Intence Sees No Competition On “Ring”!

Dancehall Artist Intence (who celebrates his birthday today (October 3)) has been enjoying a respectable run thanks to singles that keep him on the trending lists, and on many radars. Despite his stances and lyrical content, he manages to command a loyal following, and has not let controversy slow him down. While he continues to add stamps to his Passport, there are some who wish to put him back on ground level. They can try, but they aren’t on his level, and he shares a bit about that on the Claims Records produced, “Ring“.

With a video directed by The Knemesis, Intence doesn’t see competition of any form. He keeps his head above the clouds, stuck in his ways, and you just have to respect it. He shares some details in his everyday life, and while there are disgruntled people who want to cease his success, he sips on his Ribena mixed with Ginseng, keeps a few dead people in his pockets, and maintains his focus on success. Intence has been staying busy with the music these past few weeks, and while the “Yeng Boss” had to send a few shots at opponents in musical feuds, he’s ready to end 2022 on a high. Do not count Intence out!

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.@Skillibeng & @TommyLeeSparta Make Terrorist Threats On “Bin Laden”

The Eastsyde Boss Skillibeng has been trending pretty much all of 2020. With tracks that continue to stay in rotation and a recent signing to Sony/ATV in a publishing deal, he’s about to see a lot more different currencies in his bank account. This week he released a much anticipated “The Prodigy Skilltape“. Though the 35 track project has received mixed reviews, at least fans of the artist have plenty music to absorb. One of the tracks that got people’s attention however is the Tommy Lee Sparta featured, “Bin Laden“.

Like the late leader of al-Qaeda, Skillibeng and Tommy Lee Sparta unleash weapons of mass destruction on the Claims Records produced beat as they spew badman lyrics, and show off a different flow on this one. Both aren’t strangers to the bad man tunes, so you know it’s something deadly when the E-Syde and Sparta connect. One of the standout tracks on the project, this can be seen as a seasoned veteran and the rookie of the year creating something special. Skillibeng’s “The Prodigy Skilltape” is available everywhere.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @GullyBop1000 x Shauna Chin


After having a great 4th quarter in 2014, Gully Bop plans to up his rejuvenated career even more in 2015 and tonight on Onstage he spoke on that and more. Accompanied by his Fiancee/Manager Shauna Chin, they spoke about breaking up with Claims Records and refuting claims that he’s “hype”, Bop missing his dental appointment and his reasons, their relationship, future plans and the rumors that have circulated, leaving Grants Pen, Ninjaman, making his career even stronger, Sting 2014, drug abuse, taking his career overseas and new music. He also performed his new song “Drop Mi“. Gully Bop had a lot to say and with his name still creating a huge buzz, let’s see what the rest of 2015 has in store for him and “Miss Chin“. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 @Imari_NGW Respond To Claims By Record Label


Internet sensation come Dancehall’s man of the moment, Gully Bop has released a fresh new single in response to recent claims from a popular record label. The song is titled,Drop Mi and features rapper Imari. The catchy tune sums up Gully Bop’s side of the story. “How dem fe drop mi an’ a nuh dem pick me up, Grudge dem grudge me tru me money get nuff,” Gully Bop rhymes on the brand new track.

Bermudan label, CBL Records produced the track with local music makers, Blak Spade. Rapper, Imari adds an international flavor as she supports Gully bop’s arguments. She raps that his sudden rise to fame has not been experienced by many and can inevitably lead to jealousy. Imari was recently n Jamaica for an appearance at magnum Sting. The connection with Gully Bop was made creating, Drop Mi.

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NEW VIDEO: @RealGullyBop – My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me


Gully Bop’s career has been driving at 1000 MPH lately and with Sting 2014 around the corner he released the music video for his 2nd single, “My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me“. Lots of graphics in this video and with a mix of him performing on stage, deejaying to the camera, Dancers busting moves and shots thrown at Alkaline, Gully just wants to spread the message that no one is bad like him. With his name buzzing like crazy, let’s see what happens at Sting. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @RealGullyBop


After finding fame through a viral video a few weeks ago, Gully Bop has turned into a hot commodity in the Dancehall circles. With bookings that include Sting 2014 and tracks like “Body Specialist“, Gully joined Winford Williams tonight to have a chat. Here he spoke on his new found fame, his background as Dancehall artist “Country Man“, how his rise to fame came about, his singles and announcing there will be more to come, Sting 2014 and a possible clash with Ninja Man, and living in Grants Pen. To show that he’s not a fluke, accompanied by MC Nuffy, Gully Bop performed “My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me“, “Body Specialist” and dropped some entertaining freestyles. It good to see that he has gotten another chance at his dream despite his circumstances over the years. Big up Gully Bop! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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