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@IAmRaytid Defends TGE Label In New Single

As the heat of the “Clash Season” rises, it seems that tempers are flaring at the True Gift Entertainment (TGE) Recording Studio as Dancehall Artist Raytid releases a diss track aimed at Dancehall Artist, Versi.

The song, which is titled Burial Ground, is an answer to a track done by Versi which took shots at Recording Artist Demarco and his ‘Bun Up Gang’ (TGE), the camp to which Raytid is signed. This new ‘beef’ came about since Demarco recorded the controversial track We Run the World, to the disapproval of Versi as he replied on a Riddim produced by Jay Crazie, former Studio Engineer at TGE.

In Dead Already, Versi threw jabs at the “Bun Up Gang” boss for referring to him as ‘dead’ on TGE’s controversial web series, “Talk Yuh Mind” and counteracts Demarco’s We Run the World. While the drama brewing may seen frivolous in some circles, Raytid’s Burial Ground, which was produced by Social Yaad Records, fires lyrical shots at Versi, calling him a ‘dirty child’ and a Groupie. The song came as a surprise to many as Raytid has always been making party singles, and no “Clash Ready” tunes. Fans of the two await further developments as tensions rise.

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NEW MUSIC: @IAmTheKartel – Which League

Prison has definitely not held back this Dancehall Artist’s hunger as Vybz Kartel drops a new single titled, “Which League“. Produced by TJ Records, we hear a Kartel that is reminiscent of his “Gun tunes” times. Since its preview, it has been pleasing to the ears of many fans. Who is he really throwing shots at in this single? Many have speculated that it’s aimed at a certain “2016” Artist, but time will tell. Have you ever seen a Killer kill a shadow? Interesting fact, today (Sept. 30) marks 4 years since Vybz Kartel has been behind bars. 4 years later he’s still dominating the airwaves. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @TonyMatterhorn


With a controversial photo being used as ammo for many in the Dancehall, Tony Matterhorn aims to set the record straight on Onstage. Here he spoke about his recent DJ Clash, thoughts about the photo, his responses to Gully Bop, Shauna ChinNuffy, Macka Diamond and Bounty Killa, his online following, addressing Beenie Man’s statement about cleaning up Dancehall, following up to his hit singles, and more. Never one to hold his tongue, Matterhorn sure responded to those who came at him. Hopefully all the beefs will end soon. “Foreignated”. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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TheAppetizerPlate1FrontCover 1000

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NEW MUSIC: @IAmSafaree – Lifeline


Getting tired of the shots being thrown at him lately, Rapper Safaree stepped in the booth to send some back. The single, titled “Lifeline“, goes at Meek Mill who threw jabs at him last week on Twitter. In his defense, he aims to downplay Meek’s career and considering his relationship with Nicki Minaj a downgrade. He also questions if Meek is jealous of Rapper Drake’s success as he also took shots at him last week. It was about time SB responded as he has tried to stay out of beefing and move on. What do you think about the track? Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 @Imari_NGW Respond To Claims By Record Label


Internet sensation come Dancehall’s man of the moment, Gully Bop has released a fresh new single in response to recent claims from a popular record label. The song is titled,Drop Mi and features rapper Imari. The catchy tune sums up Gully Bop’s side of the story. “How dem fe drop mi an’ a nuh dem pick me up, Grudge dem grudge me tru me money get nuff,” Gully Bop rhymes on the brand new track.

Bermudan label, CBL Records produced the track with local music makers, Blak Spade. Rapper, Imari adds an international flavor as she supports Gully bop’s arguments. She raps that his sudden rise to fame has not been experienced by many and can inevitably lead to jealousy. Imari was recently n Jamaica for an appearance at magnum Sting. The connection with Gully Bop was made creating, Drop Mi.

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NEW MUSIC: @TommyLeeSparta – Bad Man Dawg


With Sting 2014 closing in, It’s only right that one of the contenders taunts his competition. Going at Alkaline and Gage today is Tommy Lee Sparta with “Bad Man Dawg“. Produced by UIM Records, the Sparta boss gets at the artists for dissing Vybz Kartel and claiming to be bad when to him they’re not. I’m looking forward to when they take it to the Sting stage and see who really comes out the winner. What do you think? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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