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OLDIES SUNDAY: Burning Flames – Swing Engine (1994)

Somewhere out there, there’s some Soca Music blaring through some speakers. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we’re taking a trip to Antigua. We highlight Soca Band Burning Flames’Swing Engine“.

Produced and arranged by Burning Flames Productions and released in 1994, “Swing Engine” was made for the ladies who knew how to dazzle and hypnotize, and were built for speed with what they got! A song that showcased a new era of modern Soca Music in the Caribbean, Burning Flames’ “Swing Engine” quickly became a hit for the band. The song’s cleverly written lyrics, heavy production, and storytelling elements made it a classic, and is still in heavy rotation today. “Swing Engine” or sometimes called “Swinging Engine” was featured on Burning Flames’ 1994 album, “Klatye“. “Swing Engine” has also been covered by School bands around the Caribbean, most recently by a Cadet Band in Manchester, Jamaica.

Since the release of “Swing Engine”, Burning Flames went on to make more hits, score more album releases, and influenced future generations of Soca Artist before going through lineup changes over the years. No matter what the band did, “Swing Engine” is still one of the band’s biggest singles.

Thank You Burning Flames For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @BigMountainBand – Baby I Love Your Way (1994)

It’s another Oldies Sunday, where we highlight a few classics, and old school songs you’ve never heard before. For today’s selection, we fly over to San Diego, California to check out Reggae Band Big Mountain’sBaby I Love Your Way“.

Produced by Ron Fair, this was released in 1994 through Giant/RCA. Big Mountain’s “Baby I Love Your Way” was a remake of the Peter Frampton’s 1975 single. The remake had a Reggae vibe, which contrasted from the original’s Soft Rock sound. Big Mountain’s version enjoyed chart success peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, #2 on the UK Singles Chart, and #1 in Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. The track was included in the soundtrack for the 1994 Rom-Com, “Reality Bites“, and went on to go Platinum in Australia, Silver in the UK, and Gold in the US. The track was featured in Big Mountain’s 3rd album, “Unity“, and remains one of their biggest songs. They also performed the song at Reggae Sunsplash, as they were booked in 1994, and 1995.

Since the release of “Baby I Love Your Way”, Big Mountain went on to release more singles and albums, and continues to remain active performers taking their music to various parts of the world.

Thank You Big Mountain For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Snagga Puss – “Tatie” (1994)

We’re in the 90s, where music enjoyed a season of fusions, the fashion was flashy, and the vibes were right. In Jamaica, it was a time where Dancehall and Hip Hop were always in the studio and making noise overseas, many legends just got their official start, and many dances were created. For today’s “Oldies Sunday” selection, we highlight Snagga Puss (formerly known as Dickie Ranking), and his single, “Tatie“!

Produced by Patrick Roberts for the Shocking Vibes label and released in 1994, Snagga Puss joined in on the fun and created a song for a dance called the “Tatie”. Snagga Puss’ persona and delivery were inspired by the Cartoon character Snagglepuss, and helped to make “Tatie” a hit. “Tatie” was featured on Snagga Puss’ 1995 album, “Reggae Funky“. “Tatie” the dance became popular with the youth, and joined the list of prominent dances including the “Bogle“, “Butterfly“, “Peppaseed“, and “World Dance“. Like many dances of the past, “Tatie” has been remixed and renamed a few times over the years. A music video for the track was made in support of “Tatie”, and it was directed by the legendary “BigDaddyLeoO’Reggio, and featured the late Media Personality, Basil “Bagga” Brown.

Since the release of “Tatie”, Snagga Puss has enjoyed a career with a few hits and memorable dances. He is still active, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscle over the years. His distinct sound is still remembered, and “Tatie” is loved by many who were there when it made its debut.

Thank You Snagga Puss For This Classic!

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Everton Blender’s “Ghetto People Song” Sampled On @FrenchMontana’s “Montega” Album!

On Friday June 24, New York Rapper French Montana released his new album, “Montega“. The 12 track project would further solidify French’s place in Hip Hop, and he brought along new hits and collaborations. While fans would be excited about the new project, a familiar sound was heard on “Higher“, the 6th track on the album.

On the opening of “Higher”, Everton Blender’s 1994 single, “Ghetto People Song” would receive the sample treatment. Produced by Tony Rebel on the “Lala Bella Riddim“, “Ghetto People Song” would become a massive hit for Everton Blender, earning the classic status over the years. “Ghetto People Song” was featured on Blender’s 1999 album, “Rootsman Credential“, and was previously sampled by Rapper Canibus in 2018 for a track of the same name. “Higher” was produced by Harry Fraud, along with the rest of the “Montega” album.

This would not be the first time French Montana dabbled in Jamaican music. Chaka Demus and Pliers’Murder She Wrote” would be sampled on the Nicki Minaj featured single, “Freaks” (Lil Vicious’ Dancehall track of the same name would be sampled as well), Dancehall Artist Mavado would collaborate with French on two tracks (“F**k What Happens Tonight” and “Ghetto Prayer“), Alkaline’sFormula” single would get remixed for the “Jungle Rules” album in 2017, French worked with Dancehall Producers Rvssian and Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, and most recently would hop of the remix of Skillibeng’sWhap Whap” with Fivio Foreign.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Beres Hammond – No Disturb Sign (1994)

It’s February 13, do you know where your Valentine is? Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and we know it’ll be filled with couples wearing matching clothes, social media posts about dates, gifts, and love, and there will be those who will try to put a damper on the day. We’re here to bring some last minute vibes before the big day on Oldies Sunday! We go back in time to give you a classic, Beres Hammond’sNo Disturb Sign“.

Beres Hammond handles production on this “No Disturb Sign”, and it was released through Elektra Records in 1994. The track finds Beres connecting in the best way possible with his lover, going as far as calling in sick from work to make all the time in the world for his lady. When it’s time for love, no disturbance please, just two lovers in their bubble. “No Disturb Sign” is one of Beres’ most popular singles. With his signature vocals, this is guaranteed to bring out the lover in you any time it’s played. “No Disturb Sign” was featured on the 1994 album, “In Control“. With decades of hits, you can count on “No Disturb Sign” to be played on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you lock the doors, turn the phones off, and just let magic happen. Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes.

Thank You Beres Hammond For This Classic!


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Kashief Lindo - "Rockin Christmas" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #christmas #Jamaica #Music

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Kashief Lindo – Rockin Christmas (1994)

It’s that time of year again where we roll out your favourite holiday songs, it’s Christmas time on “Oldies Sunday“! For today’s selection, we connect with someone who we consider one of those Vocalists who hasn’t gotten enough love from Jamaica. He has made his name for years, and is considered a legend. Today, we check out Kashief Lindo, and his single, “Rockin Christmas“.

Produced by his legendary father Willie Lindo and released through Heavy Beat Records in 1994, Kashief Lindo gave us a modern Christmas song that kept everyone dancing. Armed with great vocals and a quality Reggae production, Kashief did no wrong when he made this one. The track was featured on his 1994 album, “Kashief Lindo Sings Christmas“, which featured covers, and a few original songs. Kashief Lindo was child star who had a respectable run in the 90s and early 2000s, and still active as a Recording Artist today. Those who grew up on his music will be taken back in time with this one. Be sure to share with a friend this holiday.

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