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Rygin King Opens Up A Session For His “Therapy” Album!

Dancehall Artist Rygin King is on the road to recovery. Having experienced his share of tribulations these past few years, he has been through it mentally and physically. But as long as there is life, there is hope, and Rygin King is going through a period of healing. He takes listeners through his journey on the new album, “Therapy“.

Featuring 16 tracks (11 when you separate 5 clean version of other featured tracks), Rygin King is bearing it all on his “Therapy” album. He shares his pain, his triumphs, and his gratefulness, something for the ladies, and he presents himself as a man who believes in better days. Rygin King enlists top production including Hemton Music and his own Rygin Trap Records for the album, and listeners will relate to the content, and they themselves will find a necessary space to escape their troubles. It’s been a long time coming for Rygin King, but we’re glad he’s overcoming his battles, and putting it all in his music. Take a seat, and get ready for your session.

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Squash Seeks Some “Peace Of Mind” On New Single!

Dancehall Artist Squash has been sitting high in his own lane all of 2022. With a collection of hits, he has ensured that he made a lot of noise in the Dancehall circles. While he has songs about living the good life and partying it up, he has his moments where he gets serious. On the new single, “Peace Of Mind“, he approaches with a different tone.

Produced by 6ix Real Records/Hemton Music, Squash seeks an escape. With so much going on the world, Squash prefers his own company, and wants no part of any of the craziness. Be careful of how you approach him though, you don’t want to see his wrong side. “Peace Of Mind” finds Squash in some dark places, but he knows that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. He shows his diversity, and we look forward to more from the “6ix Boss“.

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Rytikal Stays Blessed And Is The “Man Of The Moment”

Dancehall Artist Rytikal has been consistently putting in the work and becoming one of the hottest acts to emerge in the past 2 years. He covers various topics, he shows that he is always elevating his lyricism, and he instantly connects with the people through his flow and delivery. Never missing an opportunity to provide some motivation, he gives us a dose with the video for “Man Of The Moment“.

Directed by Dream Life Image Photography, Rytikal takes himself to the hills to find some peace and be away from all negativity. He gives us a great message over a Riddim produced in conjunction with Dynasty Entertainment/Attomatic Records/Rytikal Music Group/Hemton Music, and we can expect this single to travel very far. Rytikal is gearing up to release a joint EP with Dancehall Artist Jahshii, who has been gaining an enormous amount of buzz in the past few months. Stay prayed up, and be blessed!

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.@KaliGrnMusic Is “Ready Now” For The Big Leagues

Kali Grn is “still pan di scene“, nah mean? Having worked on getting his name bigger with various musical releases, he’s not looking to make anything stop his mission, not even Covid 19. Today, he tightens his laces and tells the world he is, “Ready Now“!

With production from Hemton Music/Modern Anciency Music, he stays focused as he takes off like Usain Bolt on the track. You can’t hold back this one, Kali Grn has goals to accomplish. He continues to make moves as one of the promising voices coming out of Montego Bay. Get familiar with Kali Grn, and look out for updates.

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Rhiya Luna Questions Your Intentions With New “Company” Single!

Rhiya Luna continues her streak of new music for 2018 with the release of “Company“! Featuring production from Hemton Music, Rhiya starts to question those who wish to be close to her. Is it forever? What do you want from me? Are you just gonna waste my time and love? She wants answers, and she has no time for games. If you want her, make the right move. We expect to hear more from the Singer in the coming months, including an Afrobeat collaboration, and more with her Nuh Response Production team. Check out the track below.

Listen to the single here