NEW VIDEO: @TheBellaBlair Presents: Nook Nook – Side Chick Bling

While Drake’sHotline Bling” is getting lots of burn this week, Comedian Bella Blair introduces “Nook Nook” and “Side Chick Bling“. Directed by Bella, “Nook Nook” plays the role of a side chick who held the #1 position and detailed her adventures with her borrowed man. Catch “Nook Nook” pulling off dance moves and hitting high notes in this one. Sounds like a big tune for all the Mistresses! I got to have the mp3 for this. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: @RaineSeville – Goodness


Dropping some hotness today is “Miss Sekkle Down Body” herself, Raine Seville. Her new single, titled “Goodness” and produced by Misik Muzik on the “Cute Bubble Riddim“, is Raine letting the listeners know that she has the best body in the business and the wives will instantly downgrade to “maties” when their men get her attention. Catchy hook and a good effort from Ms. Seville. Look out for more tunes as she aims to climb the musical and “Look Good” charts. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @SpiceOfficial – Dun Wife


Spice dropped this as an exclusive on last saturday’s Onstage show, now she made it available for more of her fans to see. Titled “Dun Wife” and directed by Michael L. Burbridge Films, we see Spice all dolled up in wedding attire ready to take the next step. She deejays about being “wifed up” and not living a “matey” life and basking in the moment with her friends and family. Special cameos include Stacious as her Maid of Honor and Ninja Man in his “Brother Desmond” alter ego. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Dear Wifeys and Mateys of the World…

WIFEYS! MATEYS! Lend me your eyes and ears!! MooreMayhem is back with another loaded clip! Lately in Dancehall music the big trend for female Deejays is to make songs about who is the “Wife” and who is the “Matey” along with the many tricks they use to “hold” their man. Many of these songs get the biggest “Forwards” (Pull up/Spins/Crowd Reaction) in the sessions and on radio stations. While i’m not a fan of them, it’s not my place to say anything so I let Miss Moore handle this….ENJOY!

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