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.@Stalk_Ashley Keeps Her Distance From Envious People On “50 Rounds”!

When someone is successful, there are people who celebrate them, and uplift them. At the same time, there are people who are jealous of that person’s success. One must be careful of those kind of people as they take on different forms. Stalk Ashley is aware of this, and she stays focused on “50 Rounds“.

With an RD Studios directed video, Stalk Ashley finds herself being the target of envy on a Sonovic Music/Jaxx produced track. She shares that there are fake people around her who only want what they can get out of her, and she has something for them whenever things get too tense. It can be stressful when you think that the people around have your best interests, but in reality some of them just want to see your demise. You don’t want to be Stalk Ashley’s enemy. Stalk Ashley has been enjoying a year filled with great collaborations, hot singles, and unforgettable performances. She continues to build her brand, and tap into more markets. What’s next for Stalk Ashley? Stay tuned.

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Stalk Ashley "EXcuses, Pt. 1" on #StalkAshley #Jamaica #UK

.@Stalk_Ashley Deals With “EXcuses” On New EP

Stalk Ashley has been building her career to the level where everything she drops, the fans rush to it like ants to sugar. She has shown that she can take her career to International levels, and still keep it true to her Jamaican roots. While many still anticipate a full project from her, she keeps the fans happy with the release of her EP, “EXcuses, Pt. 1“.

With 6 tracks, Stalk Ashley gives us quality music that we’ve come to know from her. With her sultry vocals and an attitude that keeps you in line, “EXcuses, Pt. 1” is a release that you should add to your list. The EP features production from Krs., Darren Jaxx Jack, KingBNJMN, William Repko, Eugene Tsai, and Dylan Graham, and the beats definitely distract you while Stalk’s lyrics put you in a chokehold. Rapper/Producer BEAM makes an appearance on the EP as the sole guest feature, but he makes his presence felt. This year saw a lot of releases, but fans of Stalk Ashley will definitely keep this EP close as the album is finalized.

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