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.@UncleSego Extends His Stay On @IzyBeats Produced “Yebo/Sema”

It’s Friday, and it’s time to get up and dance! Last year, “TrapHouseJazz” Boss Masego released his “Studying Abroad” EP. It has been enjoying a lot of praise since its release, and had a lot more people calling for Masego. This time around, he decided to postpone the trip back home with the deluxe version of the EP titled, “Extended Stay“. One of the new tracks featured is, “Yebo/Sema“.

Produced by fellow Jamaican Izy Beats, Masego paints the picture of performing in Nairobi, Kenya, and his experience with the people there, and a young lady who had the pleasure of spending time with. The African influences are strong on “Yebo/Sema”, and everyone involved did a great job putting it together. For those unaware, “Yebo” is South African/Zulu for “Yes“, while “Sema” is Swahili for “Speak/Say“. One thing to note, you will be dancing to this! “Studying Abroad: Extended Stay” is out now.

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Working Women Rule On @IAmDavidLyn & @TarrusRileyJA’s “Gwan Fi Money”!

This is for the ladies who are about stacking up the dollar bills! Having made noise all year, David Lyn is ready for more as his “Any Day NowEP is a few steps away from official release. We featured his motivational single, “Keep Moving” recently, now he follows up with the single, “Gwan Fi Money“!

Produced by NeriBeats and Izy Beats (with Guitar by Gabrielle “GG” Stok) and featuring “Singy Singy” a.k.a. Tarrus Riley, David Lyn and Riley make fire here as they speak on dealing with women who are all about that money. If the discussion doesn’t have dollar signs in it, leave those ladies alone! This goes out to all the hardworking independent women out there, especially those who make it happen during this worldwide pandemic. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Noorez “Nunu” Rhemtulla, and shot at the Villa Jamille in Port Antonio, Jamaica! David Lyn has a lot more niceness in store, but you have to wait till his EP drops!

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.@UncleSego Continues To Deliver Good Music While “Studying Abroad”

After giving the world a nice Shenseea assisted single in “Silver Tongue Devil“, Masego follows up with the new EP, “Studying Abroad“. With 6 tracks on deck including the Shenseea feature, the TrapHouseJazz boss continues to deliver great music, and still has a way with the ladies. With Don Toliver being the other featured artist, Masego grooves over production from D’Mile, Monro, Jack Dine, Kojo, Wondagurl, Izy Beats and a few others. While you’re figuring the enrollment application form, Uncle Sego’s out there studying some lovely ladies.

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.@IAmDavidLyn Brings Original Vibes With His @IzyBeats Produced, “Keep Moving”!

You can’t dull David Lyn’s shine. If the Covid 19 pandemic couldn’t stall his determination, nothing will. Having made a lot of noise this year, he’s only working his way up for the takeover. Today, he unleashed the new single, “Keep Moving“.

Produced by his Grammy winning brother (real real bredda) Izy Beats with assistance from Jamaican Band Phuzzion, David Lyn comes through with original vibes and lets badmind know that they can’t stop his show. With a melodic delivery that has captured the attention of many, he also encourages everyone to get out of the struggle, and to stay true to everything good. Accompanying the single is a Noorez “Nunu” Rhemtulla directed video shot in the infamous Tuff Gong Studio. Not only is David Lyn fueled by everything positive, but the spirit of Bob Marley flows through him in the studio for the video.

“Keep Moving” is featured on his upcoming “Any Day Now EP“, which is set for a December 4th release with launches in Dunagaroos (Wynwood, Florida) on November 25, and in Jangas (Kingston, Jamaica) on December 4. Expect a couple more surprises then, including some “Singy Singy” vibes. Let this track be a favourite for you today!

“Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor; no matter how big the waves get we must stay the course and keep moving.” – David Lyn

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.@UncleSego Makes The Link With @ShenYeng On @IzyBeats Produced, “Silver Tongue Devil”

This year has been filled with many surprises, but today we’re talking about the music. Today, we get a Jamaica link up as Masego and Shenseea team up for the track, “Silver Tongue Devil“.

Produced by another Jamaican, the Grammy winning Izy Beats, Trap House Jazz meets Dancehall here as we get a wicked combination from some of the best in the business. A sensual track between Uncle Sego and Ms. Shen Yeng, and we believe it’ll be a big hit this year, and one to remember for years to come. We need more of this, and we know Masego has a lot more in store for his upcoming album. This one is for the grown and sexy, and those who have a way with words!

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.@AliciaKeys Calls Up @ChronixxMusic & @Protoje For The “Underdog (Remix)”

Alicia Keys always come through with a motivational song. Having hits since the early 2000s, she has probably done it all. With her “Underdog” single touching many worldwide, it’s only right she did a remix. With Jamaica in mind, she called up Chronixx and Protoje to join her for the “Underdog (Remix)“. Featuring production from Grammy Award winning Producer Izy Beats, and Grammy nominated Producer P2J, the trio join forces and sounds together, and provide the light we need in these seemingly dark times. The world needs a lot of love.

This isn’t Alicia Keys’ first foray into Jamaican collabs, her “You Don’t Know My Name” single was given a Reggae remix, she collaborated with the legendary Junior Reid on the “No One (Remix)“, and who can forget her getting on Cham’sGhetto Story (Chapter 2)“? She has always had a soft spot for Jamaica, and “Underdog (Remix)” may be a sign of a lot more to come. Looks like her cover of Chronixx’s “I Can” made the spark. Nobody can take away your determination!

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