OLDIES SUNDAY: Buju Banton – Love Sponge (1997)

As we are facing the closing hours of this Valentine Weekend, there’s nothing like the oldies to add a finishing touch. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Mark Myrie a.k.a. Buju Banton and it’s dedicated to all the lovers. Titled “Love Sponge” and produced by Buju for Gargamel Productions in 1997, we hear Buju making a dedication to his lover. He goes on to detail how much she means to him, when they’re together they enjoy each other’s company, they make great things happen, and when they’re apart he gets miserable. With Buju’s infectious delivery, choice lyrics and a great production, this song went on to become one of Buju’s biggest hits and a song that’s made for couples when it’s time for a slow dance.

Love Sponge” was featured on Buju Banton’s 5th album, “Inna Heights” which was released in 1997 by Penthouse Records and VP Records. “Love Sponge” was a highly regarded song in Jamaica having been a top ten song on the local charts and a staple on many Lovers’ Rock mixes. After this hit, Buju went on to release many more chart topping singles and highly praised albums until 2009 where he was remanded by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on drug charges. He was found guilty in 2011 for a Cocaine Trafficking conviction and is serving a 10 year and 1 month sentence in a Federal Prison. Before his verdict he was allowed to perform at a concert in Miami which turned to be a sold out event.

Buju Banton is still widely regarded as a legendary entertainer and while many still seek his freedom soon, his songs are still hot commodities.

Thank You Buju Banton for a great hit!




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