NEW VIDEO: Watch @OnstageTV Live!


Tonight, the popular CVM TV series Onstage goes live via live streaming. This week is a “Lovers’ edition” featuring many performances and surprises. Check out the stream below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @JetSetProfessor – I Love Myself


Whether you have a Valentines today or not, always remember to love yourself everytime and that’s the message Da Professor is bringing forth today with his new video. Titled “I Love Myself” and directed by Chase Friedman and Spiky Music Group, we hear Da Professor spreading a great message for everyone while we see some characters remembering bad times and working on moving on and loving themselves. A great effort here as viewers can listen and reflect but move forward in a very positive way. Raise your hands if you love yourself. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Jamaica Dancehall Buju Banton 13thStreetPRomo 13thStreetPromotions Caribbean Love Sponge

OLDIES SUNDAY: Buju Banton – Love Sponge (1997)

As we are facing the closing hours of this Valentine Weekend, there’s nothing like the oldies to add a finishing touch. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Mark Myrie a.k.a. Buju Banton and it’s dedicated to all the lovers. Titled “Love Sponge” and produced by Buju for Gargamel Productions in 1997, we hear Buju making a dedication to his lover. He goes on to detail how much she means to him, when they’re together they enjoy each other’s company, they make great things happen, and when they’re apart he gets miserable. With Buju’s infectious delivery, choice lyrics and a great production, this song went on to become one of Buju’s biggest hits and a song that’s made for couples when it’s time for a slow dance.

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