NEW VIDEO: @TheBellaBlair Presents: Poonchie’s Carnival Makeup Tutorial


It’s Carnival time again and today Bella Blair brings out Poonchie for a quick makeup tutorial. Here Poonchie shows us the “perfect” look for the next Carnival event, but prepare for a bellyful of laughter. Get those contours right, the eyebrows perfect, and the colours looking right! Always a good one from Bella. Be sure to check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @OutstandinJLuga, Promising Artist For 2015 Releases New Single

J Luga Photo 2

Upcoming recording artiste J-Luga has released a new single called ‘Pop Down Body’. J-Luga believes this song brings the kind of high energy needed for 2015. He shared, “You can expect J-Luga to be one of the most prolific, hard-working, explosive and most recognizable rising artiste in Jamaica for 2015”.

Currently signed with ‘Prolific Records’, J- Luga is a Dancehall/Reggae artiste who lends himself to genres such as Hip Hop and Techno music. He has worked with producers such as ‘Owayne Weir’ from ‘Plug Socket Records’, ‘Kuger’ from ‘Drop Di Bass Records’, ‘Jeff Thompson’ from ‘J&G Records’ and ‘O_gzi’ from ‘Double O.G Entertainment’.

To describe his style of music J-Luga used the words high energy, hard core, witty, melodious, catchy, lyrical, and interactive. He added, “My style of music is very addictive to all who listens with an open mind.” His first major single ‘Santa Wine’ was released in December 2014 and had earned him much airplay on Hot 102, Irie FM, Suncity Radio and Hitz 92 FM.

When asked about his inspiration surrounding his music, J-Luga shared, “As an artiste and also an individual I find motivation through the struggles I have faced in my life, the real people in and around my circle, the social commentary, negative and positive aspects of everyday living and last but not least the Creature who extended life to us all daily.”

J-Luga is set to shoot and release the video for ‘Pop Down Body’ soon.


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NEW MUSIC: @ItsToian – Love It


While she gave you “Rude Boys“, Toian was getting the 2nd single ready for your ears and now here it is. Titled “Love It” and produced by Class One Music, Toian continues where she left off with “Rude Boys” and picks up the pace here. She shows love to the Marverley Rude Boys and says she wants to be “More than your likkle browning“. Loving this track as it gives off a retro vibe and with the previous efforts getting good reception, “Retrospect” will definitely be in heavy rotation when it drops on March 17. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @KirkAlert1 Is Ready To Shine Each And Everyday


Upcoming artiste Kirk Alert is making his voice heard with his new single ‘Each and Everyday’. The single which has been receiving airplay in Jamaica and New York features artistes Vision and Scrue and was produced by Shevon ‘Diego’ Parchment on the ‘Di Love Zone Riddim’.

“Each and Everyday is about youths and their struggles in the streets” shared Kirk who is a father of three girls. The video for the single by Lagikz Supreme Studios was shot in Seaview Gardens in Kingston and Brooklyn, New York featuring Kirk Alert and several children. Kirk added “As an artiste, it is important that I use my voice to spread a positive message and as a father it is imperative for me to try to make a change”.

Kirk Alert started recording music in his early twenties and has since built a name for himself in the streets of New York. The artiste has been promoting and making several appearances in the city and is eager to share more of his music on the Jamaican music scene.

He is set to release his mix tape entitled ‘Spotlight Invasion’ featuring several new singles in March.


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PRESS RELEASE: @MelpoMellz Set To Release New Single In Jamaica


Swedish recording artiste Melpo Mellz is set to release her new single ‘Whine Up’ produced by Cashflow Records. According to Melpo, “This song is about me having fun and celebrating the time given to me to shine; it carries a positive vibe”. She added, “The chorus of the song is me being led by the rhythm of the song while the verse is about showcasing me and my talents”. Mellz indicated that she also has many new songs to release as she is eager to make her mark in JamaicaMellz, who is also a choreographer and dancer in Sweden, encourages others to work hard and to use all their talents. She explained, “I try to combine all my skills in what I do; I choreograph, I dance and I am a singjay who writes my own lyrics. All of these skills came in handy as I used them to write the song and plan the video shoot for ‘Whine Up‘ which was shot in both Sweden and Jamaica”.

Whine Up’ will be released this month and its teasers have already been given thumbs up from its listeners.


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NEW MUSIC: @TheTherapistSOL – CRWN (Prod. By @JLLProd)


Not wasting any time before his “9 More Dreams” release is The Therapist with his second single. Titled “CRWN” and produced by JLL, Therapist speaks on his life and ambitions and ensures that every move he makes will be a “King” move. Great effort here as he takes on a rapping and singing route over a fresh production. You can’t fit his crown so just take your place as a pawn. “9 More Dreams” drops on February 28. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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