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The Twin Of Twins Look To Stir It Up Even More With Their “In The Mean Time” Radio Show!

The twin brothers Patrick and Paul Gaynor a.k.a. Twin Of Twins, have made a huge impact with the release of the “Stir It Up” series. Having covered several topics and entertained many, they have proven to listeners over the years that they are serious, dangerous, and hilarious. While 2019 saw them release “Stir It Up Vol. 11 3/4“, they look to continue the run in 2020 with Vol. 12. While the release for that is yet to be determined, they wish to hold over fans with the release of their new Radio Show titled, “In The Mean Time“!

Featuring some familiar voices like host Mutabaruka and special guest Bounty Killa, the debut episode finds Muta sharing opinions on New Year Resolutions, issues in Jamaica, relationship issues, and a lot more. Take some time out to give it a listen. We admire the Twins’ ever evolving creativity, and we look forward to even more including their upcoming Podcast series titled, “The Rebellious Truth“.

Check out the Radio Show below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): @Mutabaruka_Ja – Postpone Christmas (1983)

Season’s Greetings! We’re back with another Holiday themed Oldies Sunday! Stepping in with a selection is the one and only, Media Personality/Activist/Dub Poet/Author Mutabaruka! We go back to the year 1983 with “Postpone Christmas“! Produced by Earl “Chinna” Smith, this was released through the High Times Label. In the song, Muta speaks on those living pay cheque to pay cheque, poverty, those spending more than they earn, crime and violence, and calls for the postponement of the season until things are better. He puts the spotlight on issues that still affect many to this day and around this time of the year. Not your typical Christmas song, but something to think about. We hope you enjoyed our selection, please tune in next Sunday for another in the series! Big up Mutabaruka, lyrics like a Bazooka!

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NEW VIDEO: @Irie_FM Presents: The Marcus Garvey Celebration


Yesterday, the good folks at Irie FM paid tribute to a Hero worldwide, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Featuring Interviews, discussions and musical tributes, it was a great day to honour a great man before his birthday (which is today). Make some space for this event as it was a pretty lengthy one. If the boss complains, tell him it’s for a great cause. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Now available!

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NEW VIDEO: @RealIOctane – People’s Festival (Delaware)


Today’s video showcases highlights from Reggae artist I Octane’s performance at the annual People’s Festival in Delaware. Introduced by Mutabaruka, I Octane delved into a string of hits to the delight of the audience and even shared a little message about life. Later in the video we see another performance held at the In Di Dancehall after party. Brought out by Nikki Z, Octane belted out more song and in the end interacted with some of his fans. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PREVIEW: Twin of Twins – Stir It Up Vol. 9.5

This is a exclusive! With the numerous activities that have been happening in Dancehall music lately (Mr. Vegas’ meltdown…), Twin of Twins decided to speak on the matter in the best way they can. Check out the preview of their Stir It Up Vol. 9.5 album below. Full album drops December 1!

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