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.@AdekunleGold Gets Smooth With It On “Do You Mind?”

Nigerian hitmaker Adekule Gold is gearing up to release his first full length project as one of the newest signees of the legendary Def Jam Records later this year. Before that however, he’s warming things up with the recent release of his “Tio TequilaEP. Earlier today, he added a lil more heat with the visual for one of the EP’s tracks, “Do You Mind?“.

Directed by MOM, Adekunle Gold finds himself at a small Nightclub where he takes the stage in a flashy way, and getting cozy with a lovely lady at the bar. Gold is smooth with the vibes on “Do You Mind?”, and it’s expected to do a lot of damage this summer at a party near you. “Do You Mind?” was produced by Kel-P, and featured on the 3 track “Tio Tequila” EP that will set the tone for Gold’s Def Jam debut, and his first project since “Catch Me If You Can” from 2022. Tune in for some great vibes.

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The Love Comes At A Cost In @JoeBoyOfficial’s “Duffel Bag”

At some point in your life, you’ll hear the words, “If you want the honey, you have to bring the money…“, or a similiar phrase. Many relationships over time have become transactional for one reason of the other. While opinions differ on that subject, that’s how some people make it through life. Nigerian Artist JoeBoy sheds some light on that in the visual for his new single, “Duffel Bag“.

Directed by Buhari Yesufu, JoeBoy’s “Duffel Bag” video is set on a dating show called, “Love & Faaji” where a beautiful Woman selects her ideal date to go home with. In order to win her heart, the contestants have to ensure that they’re not short in the Finance department, and the more money is being offered her way, the better the chances. Joeboy delivers with his signature lyrics and melody here, and he compliments the E Kelly and Timmy production well. “Duffel Bag” is a single off the upcoming “Body & Soul” sophomore album, which is set to be released later this year. Cash rules everything, so make sure you have it in an abundance.

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.@YemiAladee & @PhynoFino Dedicate “Pounds & Dollars” To The Dreamers!

Some days are tough, and we all need some sort of pick me up to get us going. Today, we head over to Nigeria to check out AfroPop star Yemi Alade who offers something positive with the single, “Pounds & Dollars”.

With a video directed by Clarence A. Peters, “Pounds & Dollars” features Nigerian Rapper Phyno, and it finds Yemi Alade providing some encouragement here for the dreamers. The video shares a story of believing in yourself and following your dreams as a young lady enters a competition hosted by Yemi, overcoming negativity and getting encouragement from her Mother throughout. This fun visual can serve as a reminder that anything is possible for those who are in doubt, and as Yemi shared in her Twitter bio, “Winning is a habit“. “Pounds & Dollars” is featured on Yemi’s 2022 “African BaddieEP.

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Azizzi Romeo "Catharsis EP" on #Jamaica #Reggae #Music #AzizziRomeo

Azizzi Romeo Taps Into Romance & Emotions On The “Catharsis EP”

Love is something special, isn’t it? History has shown us many episodes where love has affected humans in ways. For upcoming Recording Artist/Producer Azizzi Romeo, the idea of romance has prompted him to make music about it. From making one song soon turned into multiple tracks, and today we get to see it in a project form called the “Catharsis EP“.

Consisting of 7 tracks, Azizzi Romeo’s “Catharsis EP” was released through Charmax Music (owned by his father, the legendary Max Romeo). “Catharsis” refers to the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions, and Azizzi utilizes the action to its fullest throughout the EP. He shares a story of romance, with each chapter being an emotional episode. “I wanted to create something romantic. And I also wanted it to be honest.” Azizzi shares. “I ended up pouring out my emotions on some of the tracks. Midway through the creative process, I realized I was purging myself of the past, my mind had become as light as a feather. I had confronted my inner demons and subjugated them. So I decided to name the project ‘Catharsis’.” The production featured on the “Catharsis EP” taps into AfroPop, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B sounds, and provides great backdrops to Azizzi’s smooth vocals, and unique lyrics. The “Catharsis EP” is the follow up to his “Reggae Royalty EP“, which was released in 2020.

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US Based Dancehall Artist @D_FeezyMusic Signs Deal With @VPALMusic, Drops New Single.

Indiana based Reggae/Dancehall Recording Artist D-Feezy has recently signed a deal with US based Distribution Label, VPAL Music. The deal was signed on September 18, and lasts for 3 years. The announcement comes fresh off the heels of the release of his “Money Me A Pree” Music Video, and his performance at the Indiana Reggae Jam Music Festival this past Summer. “It’s a great feeling to get this deal with VP/VPAL. This way I can get more of my music out there in the world, and continue to wave the Jamaican flag in Indianapolis as the culture is very much alive there“, shared an enthusiastic D-Feezy.

The Artist has also shared that fans can expect the official release of his latest single, “Gas Station” with Afrobeat/AfroPop Recording Artist, May D on October 13 through VP/VPAL, but can be heard earlier via Apple Music, Spotify, and all other major Streaming outlets. The single was produced by BigBeats Music, while the Music Video for the single was recently released and shot by HD Genesis. “The single is another example of two Artists from different Nations and cultures having a mutual love for the Music, and making things happen! May D is from Nigeria and he has been doing his thing over there, so I felt we could join forces and drop something for the ladies! The Music Video has been doing well since its release, and we’re grateful for that” D-Feezy shared. D-Feezy is also working on his debut Album which should see a December 2017 release and its announcement very soon.

D-Feezy (born Steven Howard Muttler), hails from West Kingston, and has been active as a Recording Artist since migrating to the United States in the early 2000s. Releasing various Mixtapes over the years, he has developed a following in Indiana, and has shared the stage with the likes of Elephant Man, Future Fambo, Serani, Etana, and Sizzla.

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