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.@Shaqstar6ixx Shares His Pain On “Drowning”.

Dancehall has always shed a light about the struggle, and the good times that people have experienced. Many practitioners of the genre have made songs that spoke about the everyday life, and what one can expect in them. For St. Thomas based Dancehall Artist Shaqstar, he uses it to speak about pain in “Drowning“.

With a video directed by Hot Spot Studios Cinematography, Shaqstar shares his pain and sorrow. Paired with his vices, Shaqstar shares that life isn’t easy, and he is tested everyday. Depression is real out there, and Shaqstar uses the music as a form of therapy, and many listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics. “Drowning” was produced by Blueface Records on the “Silence Riddim“. Shaqstar has been busy progressing thanks to release of his “Seaforth SonEP, and he looks to make his name bigger over the course of time. The topic of Mental Health continues to grow in Jamaica, and we hope there will be more safe spaces and platforms for those who are fighting battles mentally. Take it a day at a time.

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Rhiya Luna Deals With Her Troubles On “Heart Heavy” Single

Recording Artist Rhiya Luna continues her streak of new releases every month. The US based Artist has been playing around with different sounds, and tapping into different subject matter to see what her fanbase is feeling. While she took a break last month, she’s back to business this time a/round. With a project on the way, she is putting in the work to get her name out to more places. While many may think a Creative’s life is always on “Easy Mode“, Rhiya gets serious on her new single, “Heart Heavy“.

Produced by VoxGad Music, Rhiya Luna speaks on her troubles. While many would think life is all glamour for the Artist, there are days of doubt, depression, and negativity. Rhiya uses her platform to let it out, while listeners who are facing similar situations can relate. The Heart gets heavy for a lot of things, and all we can do is hold the faith, seek help from people who care and can handle our troubles, and keep moving forward.

Be on the look out for more music from Rhiya Luna in the coming weeks. If you’re new here, check out her previous efforts here.

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Will The Wolf Holds On To “Hope” In New Video!

Trinidad’s Will The Wolf is a different type of artist. Having made a couple debuts this year, his music and visuals definitely stand out from the crowd. With his 3rd release, the VOISIC produced “Hope“, he gets into something that many of us can relate to.

With a video directed by Will himself while Thrillstory captures it all, we get a song that’s a tearjerker as it deals with lost relationships, missing that special someone, with the visuals showing us the depression that one goes through, and the hope some have that there will be a reunion. With the year seeing many breakups and fall outs, some of us are going through it, but trying to stay positive through it. Hang in there! Great song by Will The Wolf, and a very clean visual from him and the team!

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Jamaica Music Reggae Romain Virgo Cry Tears For You Caribbean 13thStreetPromotions 13thStreetPromo

NEW VIDEO: @RealRomainVirgo – Cry Tears For You

Today’s music video comes from Singer Romain Virgo. Titled “Cry Tears For You” and directed by JayMac, Virgo and his lover are shown experiencing the joys of being soon to be parents, only for his lady to have a miscarriage and we witness the couple facing depression and bringing conflicts to their union. The video ends when Virgo discovers that his lady is missing only to find out she committed suicide. The video was done in flashback style where it begins at the end and the events prior to it are shown. Pretty good video and it shows what many couples and women go through when they lose a unborn child. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @LukeJamesBGN – Internet Cry Babies


Depressing quotes, complaints about life, “hating”, do you witness this daily? Well Luke James will be spreading the “Gospel” about these type of people today. Pretty good stuff, please note that he’s not being mean but telling you how it affects people. Think about it before you make that next status. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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This is Junior Byles - Fade Away (1976)

OLDIES SUNDAY: Junior Byles – Fade Away (1976)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Reggae artist Junior Byles. Titled “Fade Away” which was released in 1976 under Eagle Records, was produced by Joseph Hoo Kim and was featured on the soundtrack for the hit Jamaican film “Rockers“. Fade Away” speaks on the way people value material wealth over their own souls, corruption, the ills of society, and preaching that they will all fade away soon. “Fade Away” was hailed as Byles’ best work and became a big hit not only in Jamaica, but in the UK where it was largely successful and covered years later by the New Age Steppers group.

Since his heyday, not much has been heard of Junior Byles. He released many more singles and albums but over the years he suffered bouts of depression after recieving many tragics news. There were times he was witnessed living on the streets and making frequent visits to hospitals. His last big performance was in Jamaica in 2004 which recieved positive reviews and led to a short tour later that year.

Thank you Junior Byles!

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