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Chronic Law Shares His Pain On “Scars From War”!

Dancehall Artist Chronic Law has seen and experienced a lot in his lifetime. While some days are good, they are temporary as he has experienced a great deal of pain that it’s hard to heal from. He uses the music as a form of therapy, and he shares his pain on, “Scars From War“.

With a video directed by Glimpse Cinema, Chronic Law sheds a few tears on the Droptop Records produced “Scars From War”. He reflects on some of the things he has done, and while he may have done some wrong for a better life, he lost some good people along the way, and it has changed him completely. He pleads to God to spare the lives of his friend that are still present as his heart cannot take another loss. The video finds Chronic Law mourning the dead in a black suit, then sending them off while wearing a white suit. War comes at a hefty price, and though battles may be won, the loss of life makes everything feel less victorious. Pray for the fallen Soldiers, and for those who are suffering, try to seek help today.

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Shaqstar - "Drowning" on #Jamaica #StThomas #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Shaqstar #Shaqstar6ixx #Drowning #6ixx #BlueFaceRecords #Therapy #Depression #Pain #Hennessy #Caribbean

.@Shaqstar6ixx Shares His Pain On “Drowning”.

Dancehall has always shed a light about the struggle, and the good times that people have experienced. Many practitioners of the genre have made songs that spoke about the everyday life, and what one can expect in them. For St. Thomas based Dancehall Artist Shaqstar, he uses it to speak about pain in “Drowning“.

With a video directed by Hot Spot Studios Cinematography, Shaqstar shares his pain and sorrow. Paired with his vices, Shaqstar shares that life isn’t easy, and he is tested everyday. Depression is real out there, and Shaqstar uses the music as a form of therapy, and many listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics. “Drowning” was produced by Blueface Records on the “Silence Riddim“. Shaqstar has been busy progressing thanks to release of his “Seaforth SonEP, and he looks to make his name bigger over the course of time. The topic of Mental Health continues to grow in Jamaica, and we hope there will be more safe spaces and platforms for those who are fighting battles mentally. Take it a day at a time.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Alton Ellis – Willow Tree (1967)

After dropping Raine Seville’s “Willow Tree” yesterday, I felt it was only right to play one of the original songs. Today I feature a song by the late Alton Ellis a.k.a. the GodFather of Rocksteady. Titled “Willow Tree” and produced by Coxsone Records in 1967, this was a cover of Chuck Jackson’s “My Willow Tree” which was done in 1962 but never made it to the music charts. This song is about finding new song all while sparing the “Willow Tree” from sharing the pain of past failed relationships.

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NEW MUSIC: Dremazin (@DrePigglesWorth) x J Starr – Konshus Song

You ever had a bad day where you just want to find the bottle or your favourite smoke? Well Dremazin and J Starr are seeking comfort from all the pain through meditation. Their new song, “Konshus Song” has them trading bars about hard times and finding a way out. Nice effort and beat, check it out below and share your thoughts in the comment box.

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