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Book A Weed Trip Today With Our “Flight 4/20 Playlist”!

It’s that time again as Stoners all around the world unite in the “Smokeathon” on 4/20! No matter your strain of marijuana, weed, herb, or Mary, music is a great companion for your many sessions. Today we bring to you our special 420 playlist called “The Flight 4/20 Playlist“! Featuring music from some of your favourite weed connoisseurs, you’ll enjoy it just as much as the many herbs you’ll consume today. Get your passport, grinder, and spliffs ready, it’s time to take flight! Check out the playlist below, and follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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NEW VIDEO: @KeidaMusic – Ganja Tea

KGTCan I get a light and a cup? Today’s new video comes from the lovely Keida. Titled “Ganja Tea” and directed by Krystle Karee, we hear Keida giving us the story on how she came upon Ganja Tea and her love for the herb accompanied by some beautiful shots. We also see Keida and a few familiar faces having a tea party as well. No Earl Grey, no Lipton and no Tetley. Check out the video below, drink up, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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