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Book A Weed Trip Today With Our “Flight 4/20 Playlist”!

It’s that time again as Stoners all around the world unite in the “Smokeathon” on 4/20! No matter your strain of marijuana, weed, herb, or Mary, music is a great companion for your many sessions. Today we bring to you our special 420 playlist called “The Flight 4/20 Playlist“! Featuring music from some of your favourite weed connoisseurs, you’ll enjoy it just as much as the many herbs you’ll consume today. Get your passport, grinder, and spliffs ready, it’s time to take flight! Check out the playlist below, and follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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NEW VIDEO: @TommyLeeSparta – Numb


Where is the Kush man, where is the dealer? Tommy Lee Sparta debuts his latest video and he needs his vice. Titled “Numb“, this was executive produced by Mylana Malsert Celle and shot by Anthony Godio in France. Accompanied by the NSA Human Dance crew, the Sparta boss speaks on the need for a smoke to escape his lows and calls on the weed man. Tommy Lee has been very consistent lately and he continues to surprise me with the quality of his music videos and the locations he chose to get them done. International Sparta King. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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