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.@DaleVirgo Aims To Uplift The Masses With New EP!

With all the craziness going on in the world, it is easy to get lost. With negative messages being spread everywhere, you could find yourself being caught up in it if you’re not careful. Producer Dale Virgo is aware of it all and aims to clear the air with nothing but good music on his “Upful” EP!

Featuring 10 tracks with contributions from Christopher Martin, Jah Vinci, D.A. Jay, Troy Anthony, Angele Smith, Moses, Senita, and ShortBoss, Virgo not only handled production on this with assistance from Troy Baker and Ryan Byfield, but he performed under the name ANTOU on the opening track. It is nothing but that good Reggae music from DZL Records that will rise you above all the madness. Consider this EP the medicine you enjoyed taking, even when you weren’t sick. The only results from this overdose are nothing but good vibes and a peace of mind. Prepare to keep this one on high volume as it’s available on all your favourite Digital streaming outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Listen to the project below, and follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@DizTroyMusic, @MysticDavis Release Visual For “30 Bad Bitches”!

Armed with green hair, a bad attitude, lyrics, and her crew, Mystic is ready for whatever in the visual for the DizTroy assisted “30 Bad Bitches“. Directed by Dennis Brown Films and shot in Port Antonio, we see Mystic firing off lyrics, getting her nails done, and busting out the moves with her all girl crew in various scenes. What also caught us is the beauty of the location especially the backdrop displayed while Mystic gets her nails done, and various random shots. The Producers Dizzle and Troy Baker make brief appearances in the video along with an old white lady who was not shy about showing off her moves. Packing the Mac in the back of the ‘Lac, punish a fassy who willing fi chat. The DizTroy Featuring Mystic Davis EP is now available on iTunes. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @ProdiVOP876 Featured In @RollingStoneIta


Reggae recording artist Prodi was recently featured in the Italian Issue of The Rolling Stone Magazine. In the feature, ‘Homeward Found’, Rolling Stone gives their views on the parish of Portland. They highlighted the exciting features of Portland and the Geejam Collection.

Founded by Jon Baker alongside Steve Beaver, The Geejam Collection consists of the Geejam Recording Studio. In his quest to ‘reinvent the spirit of the past’ through music, Baker has included Prodi along with his team ‘Yawd Movement’ in the Geejam group of recording artists. Baker’s wife, now recording artist, Nordia ‘Coco’ Witter also works with Prodi. She was quoted by Rolling Stone saying, “there’s so much incredible talent we’re bringing to the table, and together, we’re set to take the music to a higher level”.

 In the feature Prodi makes mention of the release of his upcoming album, ‘Kingston City’. He describes his sound as that of the likes of ‘John the Baptist who was the voice of the people”. Prodi shared “Jamaican music is no longer underground.  It’s now the world’s music, its spreading like fire.”


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NEW VIDEO: @Bourdain @PartsUnknownCNN: Jamaica

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Anthony Bourdain is a man of the world. A former Chef, Author and Media Personality, he has dined in various places, embraced cultures and hung out and shared a vibe with just about everyone. In his new program “Parts Unknown“, he visits Port Antonio, and parts of St. MaryJamaica. No stranger to the Island, he gets down in the cuisine at various eateries, visited world renowned places such as the Trident Hotel and the Golden Eye Resort, and interacted with Billionaire Michael Lee Chin, former Record Producer Chris Blackwell, Actor Carl Bradshaw, Music Exec. Jon Baker and his wife Nordia Witter a.k.a. Dancehall artist Coco. There’s a lot to learn in this episode as we get a little history lesson and current event discussions, and experiences as Anthony drinks and eats to his heart’s content and gets a few sights. The Mento Band was really a great fit to this episode and much different to the Dancehall or Reggae music we’d hear in other programs. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: Welcome To @NoiseyMusic Jamaica: Ep. 4: @GeeJamStudios


This week on “Welcome To Noisey Jamaica“, host Walshy Fire had a chat with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, and chops it up with Dancer Mystic, Coco, Prodi and his Yawd Movement and more at the Jon Baker owned GeeJam Studios which has been the go to studio for many top artists worldwide. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @Coco_Official1 – Wuk Di Money


It’s all about the money and today Nordia Witter a.k.a. Coco wants it rolling her way with her new single. Titled “Wuk Di Money” and produced by Yawd Movements, Coco speaks on possessing the “Bank Teller Wine“, and with it she is able to acquire property, gifts and money from those who are in awe of her skills. This song could be a hit at street dances and the chorus sounds like it was inspired by Indian songs, all it needed was a sample from one. Be careful, you might propose to her if she drops the “Dollar Wine” or the “7 O’Clock Pose“. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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