Chip Off The Old Block: Meet The New Kids Of Dancehall x Reggae (Pt. 2)

First they started out as the youth of the Dancehall/Reggae culture, now they’re parents with growing kids. It isn’t unusual for the child of an Entertainer to follow in their parent’s footsteps one way or the other as at times they bring a modern take on their parent’s creations, or create their own lane. Some of the most famous off springs include Stephen, Ziggy, and Damian “Junior Gong” Marley (Sons of Bob Marley), Chino and Di Genius (Sons of Freddie McGregor), Junior Tucker (Son of Jimmy Tucker), Morgan Heritage (Children of Denroy Morgan), Tarrus Riley (Son of Jimmy Riley), Queen Ifrica (Daughter of Derrick Morgan), Protoje (Son of Lorna Bennett), Chronixx (Son of Chronicle) and many more. In part 2 of a few part series, I feature more of the new set of kids on the scene whose parents have covered much ground in their respective careers.

Eon Smit1. Eon Smit

Famous Parent: Garnett Silk

Occupation: Rapper/Songwriter

Twitter/IG: @EonSmit

Single(s): Wyser, Ole Hoes

Shiah Coore, Cat Coore

2. Shiah Coore

Famous Parent: Stephen “Cat” Coore (Third World Band)

Occupation: Producer/Musician

Twitter/IG: @ShiahCoore

Single(s): Out Deh – Chronixx (Producer), Gyal Yuh Good – Busy Signal (Producer)

Zosia McGregor, BigShipEmpress

3. Zosia McGregor

Famous Parent: Freddie McGregor

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Twitter/IG: @BigShipEmpress

Single(s): I Love You, Flawless (Cover)


4. Vindon

Famous Parent: NinjaMan

Occupation: Rapper/Videographer

Twitter/IG: @IAmVindon

Single(s): 2020 EP, Seeing Colours EP


5. KxrlyMiyagi

Famous Parent: General Degree

Occupation: Artist/Designer

Twitter/IG: @KxrlyMiyagi

Work(s): 13Bit (Coming Soon)

Creep Chromatic, KxrlyMiyagi
KxrlyMiyagi x Creep Chromatic
Protoje, KxrlyMiyagi
KxrlyMiyagi x Protoje
Kyle, DeSouza, DJ Kyle DeSouza, KxrlyMiyagi,
KxrlyMiyagi x DJ Kyle DeSouza


6. Skip Marley

Famous Parent: Cedella Marley, Bob Marley (Grandson)

Occupation: Reggae Artist

Twitter/IG: @SkipMarley

Single(s): Cry To Me


7. Yung JR

Famous Parent: Junior Reid

Occupation: Reggae Artist

Twitter/IG: @YungJRMusic

Single(s): Start The Movement EP





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