Kyng Tavii shares new Covid 19 Vaccine for #Covid19 #Vaccine

.@KyngTavii Reports On New Covid 19 Vaccine In New Video

The Covid 19 pandemic has truly done a number on the world, there is no Country that’s exempt from its effects. With the numbers constantly growing daily, many are trying to find solutions to better themselves, and save lives. Comedian Kyng Tavii gets serious and took to the Media to report on a new Vaccine that has been exceeding expectations, and possibly being the gamechanger that it’s made to be.

Kyng Tavii joins Content Creators/Comedians Hat Dogg, CAW Media, and Vogue Pixel Studio for a special report, and we get to see this new Covid 19 Vaccine that has quickly become the popular choice for Jamaica, and soon the rest of the world. With comments like “It tastes good in the body“, and Vaxxers returning for multiple doses, we may have found hope after all to combat this deadly virus. We hope you consider to take this one with no delay, the research has been done!

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Koffee - West Indies for #Jamaica #Dancehall #Koffee

.@OriginalKoffee Returns To Party In The “West Indies”.

The last time we heard Recording Artist Koffee, she wanted to get into some “Lockdown” loving. Sadly, since the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic, our lives have experienced a series of lockdowns, but not of the loving kind. Some have said that the song jinxed us, but we’re still here dodging Covid, and trying to live our lives. Over a year since Koffee’s last single, she returns with her new single, “West Indies“.

Produced by iotosh, Koffee expresses her desire to enjoy her life in the great West Indies. She wants to have fun, she wants to party, and she wants to be around the people she loves. We feel the same way too, and for some of us, we have to live vicariously through those who are enjoying fully vaccinated lives without lockdowns, restrictions, and dangers thanks to the Coronavirus. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Meji Alabi, Koffee, and JM Films that promotes family, friends, fun, and that amazing Island life. We’re treated to cameos from some very familiar faces as well, and the video has us missing all the “outside” has to offer. Koffee is back on the scene to run the place!

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Kyng Tavii in a new skit on #Covid19

.@KyngTavii Handles “No Movement” Days As A Police Officer In New Video

Covid 19 continues to run rampant, and we’re still trying to tackle it in Jamaica. While there are campaigns to stay safe, the Government has implemented a series of lockdowns known as “No Movement Days“. While feedback is mixed about it, the days are still enforced. Today, Kyng Tavii takes on the “No Movement” days in a new skit of the same name.

Playing the role of a Police Officer on duty, Kyng Tavii makes reports on his observations to HQ. While making a report, he catches a Civilian breaking the law. The encounter turns into a hilarious one, and we get some of Tavii’s signature Comedy. Kyng Tavii continues to create content that tend to stand out, and has been steadily gaining a following. He may have had a few setbacks, but we believe in his work over here. Protect Kyng Tavii, and other promising Comedians.

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Jamaica Dancehall Hip Hop Yellow Claw Saweetie Baila Conmigo 13thStreetPromo 13thStreetPromotions Covid 19 Vaccine Caribbean Latino Pop Music INNA Jenn Morel

The Sister Nancy Sampled “Baila Conmigo” Single Gets Featured In New @Instagram Campaign!

They say Dancehall caan stall, and it continues to seep into Pop Culture, and many other avenues. In 2020, the legendary Sister Nancy’s classic “Bam Bam” was sampled in DJ Yellow Claw’s hit single “Baila Conmigo” featuring Saweetie, INNA, and Jenn Morel, and today it got featured in Social Media platform Instagram’s latest campaign!

Doing their part in providing informative content during the Covid 19 Pandemic, Instagram’s latest campaign, the Sister Nancy sampled “Baila Conmigo” by Yellow Claw was used as the campaign’s soundtrack. The animated visual also featured a dancer sporting clothes which represented Jamaica’s flag colours of Black, Gold, and Green. Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam” was released in 1982, and is considered one of the most sampled Jamaican songs in music history. You can find content relating to “Bam Bam” including our special Playlist here.

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Jamaica Reggae Music Blog 13thStreetPromotions Elise Dash Soldier Caribbean Pandemic Covid 19

.@EliseDashMusic Overcomes Pandemic Challenges On “Soldier”

On the rise Jamaican Singer Elise Dash has been blessing people near and far with great vocals. Having done her share of cover music over the years, she has been inspired to get extra creative and start making original music. Now presenting her original debut, we get to hear the single, “Soldier“.

Produced by French label Bat Records on a Riddim inspired by the late Sugar Minott’sVictim Of Society“, the Covid 19 pandemic brought inspiration and extra creativity to Elise Dash to make this single. On the track, she speaks on overcoming restlessness, insomnia, and many other stressful episodes that she has faced in over a year since the pandemic become prominent. Delivering great vocals, you can instantly feel the emotions she has been experiencing, and she puts everything together in a way that makes you want to replay it over and over. A live show performer, she has been one of the many affected by the various lockdowns in the music industry, and had to resort to online platforms to showcase her talent. Looking up to artists like Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Alton Ellis, and Sly & Robbie, Elise Dash looks to make her own mark in music, and create history along the way. But first, she has to keep soldiering on through this pandemic. Get a spliff, a serious work ethic, or get to praying.

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Trinidad and Tobago Trini Trinidad Hip Hop Music Blog 13thStreetPromotions 13thStreetPromo FVRFVN Khal-XL Lonely Road Caribbean

.@FVRFVN & Khal-XL Trek Through The “Lonely Road” On New Track!

Trini artist FVRFVN is looking to return to music with a bang after taking some time off last year. With production being a welcome addition to his songwriting skillset, he is working on becoming one of the more prominent names in his Island, and soon the rest of the world. Kicking off his 2021, he releases the new track, “Lonely Road“.

FVRFVN showcases his production skills on this as he collaborates with Trini artist Khal-XL. Together they share lyrics about the battles they’ve faced in life, running away from the internal demons, but show that they’re handling it step by step. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought on situations that affect us mentally, and while we’re on a lonely road with them, we just have to do our best to move forward on the road to recovery. FVRFVN looks to follow up “Lonely Road” with more music this year, and he anticipates the addition of new listeners from around the globe. Hang in there, stay strong, and stay safe!

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