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Don’t Feel “Guilty” For Enjoying @DestraGarcia’s New Single!

Whatever down moment(s) you had this week, we hope some new music brightens up your mood today. Heading over to Trinidad & Tobago for this one, we’re tuning in to the “Queen Of BacchanalDestra Garcia’sGuilty“! Produced by CL Productions on the “Afro Fete Riddim“, Destra’s new single promises to put some jolts of energy in your body that’ll have you getting on bad, and not feel an ounce of guilt about it!

With her Birthday happening tomorrow (Nov. 10), we hope you rock to this, and her many hits in celebration. Happy Birthday when it comes Destra! Check out the tracks below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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NEW VIDEO: @Kevin2woKrayzee – @IamTheKartel’s Verdict Reaction

KKOn the latest in Kevin2woKrayzee comedy we hear his reaction on Vybz Kartel’s guilty verdict. He gives a hilarious take on prison life for the artist, showing respect to Emily Crooks, and his thoughts as a fan. Not a bad video here, while many of us are still feeling the effects of the verdict, support can still be shown by playing his songs and remember his best performances. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews NinjaMan


With Vybz Kartel being slapped with a guilty verdict, many fans feel that Dancehall is now “dead”. Ninjaman, who is no stranger to being caught up in the law, found himself on Onstage to discuss a few things. Here he weighed in on the Vybz Kartel case, how things would’ve been if the verdict was “not guilty“, his experiences with the law and now avoiding conflict, Sting 2013, and new music. He also premiered the video for his single “Jamaica Town“. Good luck to Ninjaman on his current situations and I hope he fares better than the World Boss. What if  there was a “not guilty” verdict? Check out the videos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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