OLDIES SUNDAY: 6 Super Cat Intl. Collabs You Haven’t Heard In A While

You know him as the Wild Indian, the Wild Apache, the Don of all Dons, but he is also known as Super Cat! One of the legendary Deejays from Jamaica, Super Cat commanded the crowd, and ruled the airwaves. Today on Oldies Sunday (we’re back after a few months), we won’t highlight the hits, as you know them well, but refresh your memory or introduce to you International singles that featured the Don Dadda. Let’s go!

Dem Nuh Worry We (Hip Hop Ragga Remix) ft. Heavy D. (1992)

Many know the original version over Dancehall production, but this Hip Hop version was a hit in the US clubs. Produced/Remixed by DJ Eddie F., the combination of Super Cat and the late Rapper/Producer Heavy D was a winner no matter what Riddim it rode! Me love mi Chicken and mi Goat well curry!

Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Remix) ft. Mary J. Blige, 3rd Eye, Puff Daddy & Biggie Smalls (1993)

Super Cat was well respected in the Hip Hop crowd, and this remix is one of the few examples of that. Co-Produced by 3rd Eye and Puff Daddy who added verses, Mary J. Blige delivered the backing vocals and featured the debut recording of the late Biggie Smalls who was then unknown. A lot of history in one track as Mary went on to be the Queen of Hip Hop/R&B, Super Cat became a Dancehall legend, Puff Daddy went on to be one of the great Hip Hop CEOs, Biggie went on to be a legend in Hip Hop, and 3rd Eye, who was one of the first Hip Hop acts signed to Motown Records, and was argued to be the creator of the term “Bling Bling” (Lil Wayne was to argue that he coined the term in the late 90s with his single of the same name).

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NEW MUSIC: @MrKars2 – Tape You (Kris Karz x @NerdArmy RMX)


Dropping some new production today is Kris Karz! Here he created a remix Instrumental to N.E.R.D.’sTape You” song from their debut album, “In Search Of…“. Featuring samples of the song, a bit from Andre 3000’sWhere Are My Panties?” skit from “The Love Below” and some female moans, this would be even better if Pharrell, Chad and Shay blessed it with their vocals. Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Dropping on August 8…

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NEW VIDEO: @Pharrell – Happy (Jamaica Happy Edition)

HappyDespite all our problems we face daily, Jamaica is really a happy place and it shows in this new video. Titled “Jamaica Happy“, this takes American artist Pharrell’sHappy” single and adds a Jamaican video treatment to it. Showing Jamaicans dancing and showing happiness all over the island, it really brings a smile across your face and have you grooving to the song. Many thanks to the Jamaica Happy 2014 channel for making this and thanks to Tifa for pointing it out. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @BustaRhymes – Twerk It (#TwerkIt)


Out of nowhere Busta Rhymes  premiered a single that is sure to burn up the airwaves in the summer. Titled “Twerk It” and produced by longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams, Bussa Buss goes back to his Jamaican roots and deejays for the ladies to do all manners of dancing in the name of “Twerking“. Energetic tune as usual from the rapper and Pharrell made the production in this one. I believe this will be a summer hit but what do you think? Check out the single below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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