OLDIES SUNDAY: Chalice x Tiger x @IamPapaSan x Lovindeer – Dancehall Monic (1990)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Reggae band Chalice. Titled “Dancehall Monic” which was produced and released by the band in 1990, this was a song described as “Dancehall Music meets the Opera” as it had a Opera theme to it in the instrumental and delivery of the song. This song also featured three of the biggest entertainers at the time including Papa San, Tiger and Lloyd Lovindeer.

Not much is known about the single’s success on the charts but it was heralded as a popular tune from the artists. The single was released as a “B-Side” to their “The Dip” single. Since their start in the 1980s, Chalice recorded and released a few singles, few becoming hits. They’re mostly known for their great live performances especially during Reggae Sunsplash, a popular yearly concert in the 1980s and early 1990s. Over the years they have changed band members, lost a former member (Trevor Roper -2013), and released albums which include their latest titled “Let It Play” which was their first in 10 years.

Thank you Chalice for this classic song.


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