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OLDIES SUNDAY: ShineHead – Try My Love (1992)

Today, we celebrate a legend in Reggae/Dancehall. He was one of the Artists who helped to kick off that run of 90s Hip Hop/Reggae/Dancehall collaborations. He gained success during that time, and made classics. That man who we’re featuring on Oldies Sunday is Shinehead. We featured him in this section nearly 10 years ago, but today we celebrate his 60th Birthday (April 10) by featuring his single (and one of this Editor’s favourites), “Try My Love“.

Produced by Dave Hall and featuring background Vocals by R&B group Intro, Shinehead’s “Try My Love” was released through Elektra in 1992. The track finds Shinehead delivering his signature Singjay style as he spits slick lyrics to a young lady he’s admiring. With promises of dates, love, excellent care and treatment, to blowing her mind every time, Shinehead shares that he has what it takes to make her his. All he needs her to do is try his love, and she’ll never need another.

“Try My Love” became one of Shinehead’s popular singles, and was featured on his 1992 Album, “Sidewalk University“. Shinehead is still active in various circles, and can be found rocking the Mic at stage show near you, and releasing new music.

big up shinehead! thank you for this classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Beres Hammond – No Disturb Sign (1994)

It’s February 13, do you know where your Valentine is? Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and we know it’ll be filled with couples wearing matching clothes, social media posts about dates, gifts, and love, and there will be those who will try to put a damper on the day. We’re here to bring some last minute vibes before the big day on Oldies Sunday! We go back in time to give you a classic, Beres Hammond’sNo Disturb Sign“.

Beres Hammond handles production on this “No Disturb Sign”, and it was released through Elektra Records in 1994. The track finds Beres connecting in the best way possible with his lover, going as far as calling in sick from work to make all the time in the world for his lady. When it’s time for love, no disturbance please, just two lovers in their bubble. “No Disturb Sign” is one of Beres’ most popular singles. With his signature vocals, this is guaranteed to bring out the lover in you any time it’s played. “No Disturb Sign” was featured on the 1994 album, “In Control“. With decades of hits, you can count on “No Disturb Sign” to be played on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you lock the doors, turn the phones off, and just let magic happen. Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes.

Thank You Beres Hammond For This Classic!


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OLDIES SUNDAY: ShineHead – Jamaican In New York (1993)

Being a legal alien in New York, what do you know about that? How are your experiences so far? Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from ShineHead, who was signed to Elektra Records and heralded as one of the founding fathers of the Reggae Fusion where he incorporates Hip Hop music with Reggae lyrics. Titled “Jamaican In New York“, this is a Hiphop/Reggae cover of Sting’sEnglishman In New York“. This is one of ShineHead’s most memorable songs and reached #30 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1993. He went on to have many more hits and his latest effort was with legendary Hip Hop MC KRS One titled “Holiday Gift Style“. I don’t drink Coffee I drink Roots my dear…Check out the song and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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