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OLDIES SUNDAY: Flippa Mafia – Clothes Haffi Repeat (2009)

Happy Sunday everyone! Inspired by our Popeye Caution article, today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Dancehall’sFlossing King“, Flippa Mafia! It’s all about the fashion as we go back to 2009 to check out, “Clothes Haffi Repeat” a.k.a. “Repeat”! Produced by Christopher “Longman” Birchill of Birchill Records on the “Baddaz Riddim“, the track finds Flippa Mafia challenging those who said you shouldn’t repeat your outfits. Given the prices he has paid for his Designer branded clothes and where he purchased them from, he proclaims that he’ll wear them over and over again because he owns the clothes. Unlike some of his peers, Flippa threw shade at those who had to return their outfits to the store, or to the original owners which can be quite embarrassing.

Clothes Haffi Repeat” became one of Flippa Mafia’s signature tracks, and he enjoyed quite a buzz for a few years until he was nabbed by the DEA in 2013 during a drug bust. He was sentenced to 25 years in Prison in 2016. Despite the hand he was dealt, many still remember Flippa Mafia for his “flossing personality” and his selection of songs.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @FlippaMoggela


Flippa sure lives up to his flossing lifestyle. Winford Williams got Flippa Moggela on the Onstage set to speak about the resurrection of his unique performances at Sting 2012, his reasons for changing his name from “Flippa Mafia” to “Flippa Moggela“, supporting his rather large family, issues about his residency in the United States, and his future projects in music and real estate. Good to know that he takes care of his family, his business ventures sound interesting as well. Let’s get the bowling alley in Jamaica Flippa! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/57287600]

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Audio: @SupremeBookings x @IamDiddy Sound Clash @ LimeLight Kingston (Jan. 4)


If you didn’t know, Supreme Promotions and P. Diddy came together and hosted a Sound Clash a.k.a. DJ Battle in Kingston Jamaica on January 4. The Bad Boy Records founder even held a short performance alongside Beenie Man, Flippa Mafia, Kiprich and others. Check out the audio from the competitors below by downloading and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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