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Hip Hop, Reggaeton & Dancehall Collide On “Make It Flow”!

Top Selector Tony Matterhorn, rising act Yung Whoa and hit International Artist Nox has combined efforts for a Dancehall, Hip Hop and Reggaeton masterpiece. The song, titled Make It Flow, was produced by hit Producer JL, under the supervision of Platinum Camp Records CEO, Mr. Biggs.

Tony Matterhorn is known widely in the Dancehall arena for his bold personality on and off stage as an Entertainer; Yung Whoa is the newest sensation on the Latin market, and Nox is known for his hit combinations with the likes of Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, Scott Storch and a few other big names. The song showcases a fun and exciting dance craze that has embellished each of the markets respectively.

According to Mr. Biggs, the idea was to bring three major talents together from different¬†markets to create something fresh.¬†‚ÄúWhatever I am working on, it must have an International appeal and this song is no¬†exception. It is fresh, it is hot and it was a great team effort from everyone and we are¬†looking for great things to come.‚Ä̬†Make It Flow was scheduled to be officially released later this month, but with the¬†preliminary release doing so well, the team decided to drop the single earlier. The track is currently dominating the entire Latin market and gained a buzz¬†in the Caribbean and¬†the US.

‚ÄúI am confident that this single is going to take this world by storm. It has far exceeded my¬†expectations and has become a hit overnight on Social Media, garnering thousands of likes¬†and shares,‚ÄĚ Said Mr. Biggs.¬†Plans are already on the way for a video for the single¬†in early October. Fans will be happy¬†to know that the song can be purchased from all digital platforms including iTunes and¬†Amazon Music.

In addition the team has spearheaded a Dance Competition for the best female Dancer that submits a video performing this song. The prize for the best entry is USD$500.

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NEW VIDEO: @Hot97’s @DJYoungChow Interviews Ding Dong

There are many people in the world who may not be familiar with Ding Dong a.k.a.World Ding“, but they know his songs and dances. From “Badman Forward, Badman Pullup” to “Syvah” to “Gas“, Ding has been steadily rising in fame. Recently he stopped by the Hot 97 Studio to chat with DJ Young Chow. Here the Dancer/Recording Artist spoke on his upbringing, being introduced to the Dancehall scene by Tony Matterhorn, his popularity over the years including crafting some of your favourite dances, working on music, wanting more International acts to work with Jamaican talent, showing off dances and more. He also taught DJ Young Chow his new dance, named “Twist Yuh Foot Dem“. Good to see Ding Dong on platforms like this, let’s see how he’ll dominate this year. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @TonyMatterhorn


With a controversial photo being used as ammo for many in the Dancehall, Tony Matterhorn aims to set the record straight on Onstage. Here he spoke about his recent DJ Clash, thoughts about the photo, his responses to Gully Bop, Shauna Chin,¬†Nuffy, Macka Diamond¬†and Bounty Killa, his online following, addressing Beenie Man’s statement about cleaning up Dancehall, following up to his hit singles, and more. Never one to hold his tongue, Matterhorn sure responded to those who came at him. Hopefully all the beefs will end soon. “Foreignated”. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: Watch @OnstageTV Live!


Tonight, the popular CVM TV series Onstage goes live via live streaming. Check out the stream below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Now available!

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @GrungGaadZilla


A veteran in Dancehall music, Bounty Killa has seen it all and done it all. Recently he had a conversation with Winford Williams and discussed a few things. Accompanied by Anarchie, he spoke about new music, his absence from Reggae Sumfest, walking a new path, bouncing back from a drought, his Instagram comment about Vybz Kartel, his thoughts on Aidonia’s recent comments, his feud with Mavado, welcoming¬†Tommy Lee Sparta’s recent gesture, his issue with¬†Tony Matterhorn, ending feuds with Beenie Man and their roles as Dancehall vets, his son Major Myjah, wanting his Visa back and more. Always a great segment when Bounty touches the Onstage set. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @GullyBop1000 x @Gully_Chin


The Bops were to have an amazing 2015, but as fate would have it, there had to be obstacles. From accidents to breakups to feuds, Gully Bop and Shauna Chin have a lot on their plate and here they¬†spoke on their issues. Here¬†Shauna¬†spoke on her recent accident, the feud with Tony Matterhorn, and the break up with Heavy D. Gully Bop later joined in to speak about rushing to Jamaica after Shauna’s accident, rumors, Heavy D, crowning himself the “Media King“, and upcoming music and tours. With so many obstacles in their way, let’s see how quickly they can overcome them. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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