Jesse Green "Nice & Slow" (1976) for #Jamaica #Disco

OLDIES SUNDAY: Jesse Green – “Nice & Slow” (1976)

How about a lil Disco? On today’s “Oldies Sunday“, we go back in time to a time when Jamaicans found success in the Disco era. Get ready to dance to Jesse Green’sNice & Slow“.

Produced by Ken Gibson and Dave Howman, “Nice & Slow” was released in 1976 through Scepter Records. Jesse Green made delivered some feel good vibes on “Nice & Slow”. With a solid production that included flutes and horns, and some soulful vocals, “Nice & Slow” became one that caught on to you quickly, and you can’t help but dance up a storm to. “Nice & Slow” was also featured as the opening track for the 1976 album of the same name. The track was a minor hit for Green having gained #1 placements in Belgium and in The Netherlands, but became an International hit when it was given a remix in later years. Jesse Green was a member of the vocal trio The Pioneers, and played Drums with Jimmy Cliff in the 1970s. He continued to release more music after “Nice & Slow”, and they have done relatively well in the US and the UK. One thing for sure, many still remember his hit from the Disco era.

thank you jesse green!

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NEW VIDEO: Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” Featured In @ScottsLawnCare Commercial

From being one of the greatest One-hit wonders ever, to being in some of your favourite movies and TV shows, Carl Douglas’ 1974Kung Fu Fighting” single has crossed many paths the world over. Recently, the Biddu produced Disco single was featured in a new commercial for Scotts Lawn Care Products. Throughout the video you can hear the intro to the Jamaican born Singer’s hit while promoting good lawn care that’s safe for Adults, Children, and Animals. You can read my Oldies Sunday post about the single here. A single that was made as a tribute to the Karate Flick culture, congrats to Carl Douglas for gaining more exposure for such a timeless tune. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting (1974)

Today’s Oldies Sunday Selection comes from Jamaican Recording Artist, Carl Douglas. Titled “Kung Fu Fighting (Buy It Here)“, this was produced by Biddu for PYE Records in 1974. At that time, Martial Art films (termed “Chopsocky“) were increasing in popularity worldwide (especially in Jamaica), and at a time during the rise of Disco music, Carl created it as a tribute.

Kung Fu Fighting” didn’t start off as a hot single, and received no airplay five weeks since its release. After that it started gaining popularity in dance clubs and helped to make its entry into the UK Singles Chart at #42. After a while it rose to the top of the charts and stayed there for 3 weeks while it made its way to the US Billboard Hot 100 where it made it to #1. “Kung Fu Fighting” also went #1 in other countries including France, Austria, South Africa, Germany, and many more. It has been placed at #100 of VH1’s “100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders”, #1 in Channel 4’s “50 Greatest One-Hit Wonders” and was a part of a great moment in Pop Culture. In 1974 it was certified Gold, received a Grammy for “Best Selling Single“, played a role in the popularity of Disco music, and became one of the best selling singles of all time selling over 11 Million records worldwide.

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