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We Pay Tribute To @CapletonMusic With Our Latest Playlist!

He is the “Fire Starter“, the “King of Fire“, “The Prophet“, “King Shango“, and the “Fire Man“, but we also know him as Jamaican music Icon, Capleton! Celebrating his 52nd birthday today, the “Fire Man” has definitely worked his way up to becoming one of legends in Jamaican music. From his early starts as a Dancehall Artist, to making a name for himself as a Def Jam signee, to dominating Reggae music later, the decades have been good to him. Today, we salute his great works with “The Ever Blazing Capleton Playlist“! Featuring hours of hits, you can’t go wrong with some fire in your life. What’s your favourite song from him? Bless up Capleton on his Earthday!

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @CapletonMusic

Before Ding Dong and Elephant Man flooded the streets with Dancing songs, there was the “Fire ManCapleton. Recently on Onstage he stopped by to share his new single and more. Joined by popular Dancer Gabbidon, he gave a career update, staying busy, “Gimme Way” and staking his claim as one of first acts to have started the “Dancing Song” trend, and more. With the dancing culture ruling 2015, it’s only right that Capleton got in the mix. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @CapletonMusic At @ReggaeSting 2014


Making a triumphant return to Sting was the “Fire ManCapleton. Commanding a great portion out of the event, Capleton ran through many of his top hits to much delight of the audience. With the fire ever blazing in his 20+ year career, the Prophet made sure patrons got their money’s worth. More performances to come. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @CapletonMusic Live On Justice Sound


In recognition of the “Fire ManCapleton’s birthday today (April 13 If you’re reading this late), I present to you one of Capleton’s best concerts. Performing at a Justice Sound event in Jacksonville, Florida, Capleton had the crowd eating out of his hands as he burned the fire and delivered an onslaught of hits. Keep the little ones away and loud speakers, lots of profanity here. Since his start in 1989, Capleton has been a household name in Jamaica and the world over promoting consciousness, and upliftment of the people. A legend in the game, not bad for a man coming from St. Mary. Happy Birthday Capleton! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @CapletonMusic – Forward Inna Dem Clothes (2001)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from the Prophet Capleton also known as the “Fire Man“. Titled “Forward Inna Dem Clothes” and produced by Greensleeves in 2001, Capleton deejays about women being more modest in their attire and how they should carry themselves in public. He also deejays that he prefers those women more as he is a Rastafarian with certain morals and principles.

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