AUDIO: The @LateNightPar Podcast: Epi. 1 + 2

With the steady increase of Podcasts being created yearly, we all get options to listen to ones suitable to our various interests. Jamaica is not too far from the bunch of new creators and today I introduce to you, “The Late Night Par“. Created by Rushell Ferarah , Yannick Reid, Kangwa Sambo and Mumba Sambo, they go in on various topics including Music, work life, social issues, and dating, sharing their opinions uncensored, and more! Below are the first two episodes and if you enjoy them, be sure to let them know. Check out the Podcast below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Mixtape Movements: @FatalicSounds Presents: 1 Up Mixtape


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a mix from Fatalic Sounds. Today, that will all change with their latest effort titled “1 Up“. Featuring over an hour’s worth of Dancehall and Hip Hop hits, you’ll basically have to stop what you’re doing to fully enjoy this mixtape. If you love this mix, why not book the sound for your next event? Hit them up! Check out the mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Album: @TheTherapistSOL Presents: 9 More Dreams


A few years in the making and a follow up to his debut, “Lethal“, Rapper The Therapist drops his “9 More Dreams” project. Assisting this conceptual piece is production from King Biggs, JLL, Riptide, Paris Lamont, Heatwave and Miguel James, Therapist considers this his best body of work yet. Trading verses with his Sons Of Liberty brethren The Rush and King Biggs, and Singer Jamila James, you won’t hear the typical raps from this yute. He also adds that this is the soundtrack to his first year spent living on his own. Get your ears ready, no nightmares in this slumber. Check out the album below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: @MJamesSOL x @TristanSOL – K.O.B.E.

It’s crunch time for Miguel James and he’s going to carry home the win like Kobe Bryant in his new single. Titled “K.O.B.E.” and features fellow Sons Of Liberty member Tristan and produced by Heatwave, we hear them bringing their skills to the musical court and making shots for the team. Expect a lot of threes and dunks. The second single off Miguel’s upcoming project “Elite“, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @CapletonMusic – Forward Inna Dem Clothes (2001)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from the Prophet Capleton also known as the “Fire Man“. Titled “Forward Inna Dem Clothes” and produced by Greensleeves in 2001, Capleton deejays about women being more modest in their attire and how they should carry themselves in public. He also deejays that he prefers those women more as he is a Rastafarian with certain morals and principles.

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NEW MUSIC: haYze (@hYzSOL) x @KingBiggsSOL x @5StarSOL – Greener Pastures

Today’s new music comes from The Sons Of Liberty members Hayze, King Biggs and 5 Star. Titled “Greener Pastures” and produced by DJ Heatwave, the rappers talk about a young lady who dropped her mother’s ambitions for her to go to school for the fast life. In her endeavors to chase fame and fortune she went through some rough times that made her look back on her decisions. In the end throughout her sadness and regrets she took her own life. Good song, not bad on the story telling, and the beat takes a cue from Biggie’sI got a story to tell“. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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