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Going Down: Songs With Taboo Lyrics In Dancehall

Recently, a certain Artist opened a can of worms with a rather “spicy” single. While folks are in a uproar about it, we’ve heard it all before. The Dancehall culture has had a stance on certain sexual practices for years, but with more people having an open mind, some Artists tend to stir the pot by adding taboo themes in their singles. Here are a few that sparked the conversation.

1. Sycamore Tree – Lady Saw (1996)

In a year when the “Joyride Riddim” was taking over airwaves, the Dancehall Artist born Marion Hall used her platform to chase away men who wanted oral “favors” on “Sycamore Tree”. At the time, a woman who was known to do such things were often chastised, even from the recipients. Things have changed in 20 years…Do you remember?

2. Tanya Stephens – Freaky Type (1998)

Before your favourite Artist did it, Tanya was not afraid to put a spotlight on it. If you “burned” it out in public, but did it in the dark, you may not have liked this song. To Tanya it was always the ones most vocal against it were the “professionals”. Over a Baddis Production, she sure liked the “Freaky Type”.

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@TheKhxos, @Chargii Shout Out The Freaks On “Go Easy (Remix)”!

Not only is it a hot Summer ’16, but a freaky one thanks to Dancehall Artist Chargii’sGo Easy” single. Fresh off his noteworthy run recently, Dancehall Artist Khxos adds more fuel to this track on “Go Easy (Remix)“! Here they shout out the freaky girls and speak on their raunchy experiences with them. A single that will be the soundtrack to many Snap Stories, watch how it will create more sparks by summer’s end. Go easy Lil Mama, you’re a keeper! Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @PopcaanMusic – Unruly Gal (Raw)

Are you an unruly girl? Well Popcaan is looking for one. Titled “Unruly Girl” and produced by BlackStreet Music, Popcaan recalls an experience with a unruly young lady, detailing sex scenes, upsetting “Back Road” workers and is now searching for one for his own. Very raw but the fans love it. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @IamtheKartel – Freaky Gal Pt. 3 (Raw)

Coming off the wildly popular “Freaky Gal” parts 1 & 2, Vybz Kartel gave the word and released Freaky Gal Pt. 3. This time around he’s crooning and chanting “Freaky Gal” while complimenting the girls for their “talents”. Looks like this one requires slow wining from the ladies. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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