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.@TootsMaytals’ “Pressure Drop” Featured In New @CoorsLight Commercial!

When you’ve had a long day on the road or at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to relax. We have many ways to relax, we fall asleep immediately on the couch or bed, we take a bath or shower, or we get some wine or beer. In Beer giant Coors’ latest Commercial for their Light Beer, one woman not only cracks a can of Beer to relax, but she takes off her Bra! While many women can relate to letting the Tatas be free, we recognized the Commercial’s soundtrack, “Pressure Drop” by the legendary Toots & The Maytals! Released in 1969, this was produced by Leslie Kong and featured on the Band’s “Monkey Man” (1970) and “From The Roots” (1973) albums. The song helped Toots & The Maytals gain International recognition as it was featured in the classic Film, “The Harder They Come” (which was recently released on Blu-ray).

A song about revenge, but in the form of Karma, “Pressure Drop” became one of Toots & The Maytals’ most memorable singles, and was included in Rolling Stone’s500 Greatest Songs Of All Time” list at #453. It was also featured in the soundtrack for “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas“. Relax and check out the Commercial below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@RedStripe Promotes Road Safety At “Bikers Roll Out”!

In a move to expand the scope of its Drink Right initiative, Red Stripe hosted a ‘Bikers Roll Out’, geared at encouraging motorcyclists to not only drink responsibly, but also drive responsibly on the nation’s roads.

The snarling sound of motorcycles could be heard along the Spanish Town Road as close to 100 bikers made their way through the congested Friday afternoon traffic onto Red Stripe’s headquarters. The informative and entertaining programme featured presentations from key partners from the Traffic Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force; the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, and helmet supplier Superior Parts Limited.

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Stacy-Ann Smith, Brand and Corporate Public Relations Manager, Red Stripe in conversation with Acting Senior Superintendent of Police Courtney Coubrie of the Traffic Division. As part of Red Stripe’s Drink Right campaign which is geared towards promoting road safety and encouraging consumers to drink responsibly, the company hosted motorcyclists for an exciting and informative Bikers Roll Out session recently.

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@RedStripe’s “Project Grow” Gives Helping Hand To Farming Grandfather & Grandson.

When 70-year-old Carlton Fearon was a boy, he had a dream of living on his own farming property in the country. The Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine, native envisioned long, rolling acres of farmland along the countryside with cattle and produce to sustain his family and the neighbouring community.
The father of nine with nine grandchildren, who hails from a large family of arable and pastoral farmers, said, “Mi grow up in agriculture. Mi ah country boy, so mi always waan live pon mi farm wid mi big ole dog dem and mi animals just roaming the farm. Ah dem environment deh mi love. Jus’ me and mi animals and mi food weh mi a grow.”
Fearon realized this dream early and has enjoyed a career in agriculture spanning decades starting from his teenage years. His specialty crop of choice was his beloved sugarcane, though he also grew oranges and tobacco while rearing cattle and pigs to supply the meat-processing industry. In recent years, however, Fearon has faced a number of hardships that he says has caused many farmers to abandon the noble field. Determined to remain in the industry he loves, he has now decided to try his hand at the cassava crop as part of Red Stripe’s Project Grow.
Flagship Agricultural Project
The Jamaican beer company’s flagship agricultural project was launched in 2013 for the purpose of using cassava as the local alternative to importing high-maltose corn syrup for use in its production process. In an effort to further the development of the agriculture sector and give local farmers an opportunity to earn, the 99-year-old company made the decision to utilize the popular crop based on its ease to process while not interfering with the signature beer’s taste and colour.
Business Development Manager for Local Raw Materials at Red Stripe, Dr. Cavell Francis-Rhiney, in speaking about the importance of the programme, said, “Project Grow has many benefits for our local farmers, most importantly, security and consistency within a fluctuating market with Red Stripe as the contracted buyer for a three-year period. It also gives them the opportunity to broaden their expertise as we will provide intensive assistance throughout the growth process.”
Also among these benefits is having access to information from Red Stripe’s farming and growth experts, and the initial provision of a ‘farmer’s kit’ that aids farmers in covering 35 to 40 per cent of the overall production cost. The kit, which is optional, contains planting materials, irrigation equipment and fertilizer for the first year of production.
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@Bourdain Takes On Trinidad In “Parts Unknown”!

Media Personality/Chef Anthony Bourdain has seen many countries in his lifetime. With his various Television shows he has not only enjoyed the food, but learned some of the culture from each country. In season 9 of his “Parts Unknown” series, he makes an appearance in Trinidad. From conversing about Steel Pan Music with Composer Lennox “Boogsie” Sharpe and Journalist Kim Johnson, to discussing Carnival with Choreographer La Shaun Prescott, to learning about the arrival of the East Indians through Indentured Servitude and race with former T&T Ambassador to China Chandradath Singh, Producer Keshav (his son), and their family, to learning about the Lebanese and Syrians in Bayshore, the episode comes to a close with meeting Recording Artist Muhammad Muwakil of the Freetown Collective, Calypso Legend Calypso Rose, and many more! Lots of food and beer in this one so feast your eyes on Doubles, Carib and Stag Beers, Solo Apple Js, Buss Up Shut, and much more. Check out the episode below.

We’ve featured Jamaica’s episode a couple years ago. You can see that here.

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Summer Is Here As Jimmy Cliff & Bunny Wailer Classics Get Featured In New @CoronaExtraUSA Ads!

Beer and Reggae seem to go hand in hand, do they? Recently, the Mexican Beer Brand Corona unleashed another Summer campaign which includes limited edition Beer cans. In the new Commercials, which highlights Sun, Sea, Fun, and Beer, Reggae Artist Jimmy Cliff’s 1972 classic, “You Can Get It If You Really Want (Get It Here)“, and Bunny Wailer’s “Cool Runnings” are provided as the theme songs. “You Can Get It If You Really Want” was released by Island Records and featured on the soundtrack to the cult classic “The Harder They Come (Get It Here)“. It was originally sung by the late Desmond Dekker in 1970 but Cliff recorded his own version for the Film. The single is no stranger to being used commercially as it was featured in “Speed 2: Cruise Control (Rent/Watch Here)“, and was used during election times in Nicaragua and Britain. Bunny Wailer’s single was released in 1981 through the Solomonic Label and was featured on his 8th Studio Album, “Rock ‘n’ Groove“. An original member of “The Wailers” along with the late Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, “Jah B” (affectionately called) is also a 3 time Grammy winner and is considered one of the “Gatekeepers” of Reggae music.

Corona used the late Hopeton Lewis’ single “Take It Easy” in their previous campaign. Check out the new ads below.

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@Wayne_Marshall, Ernie Smith & @MysticDavis Remix A Classic In New @RedStripeJM Commercial

Life is just for living, so why not live it up with a cold Red Stripe Beer! Earlier, the “Great Jamaican Beer” premiered their latest Commercial as a part of the “Drink Right” campaign. Featuring Dancehall Artist Wayne Marshall, Dancer/Recording Artist Mystic Davis, and Legendary Reggae Artist Ernie Smith, the past meets the present as the trio remixed Ernie’s 1972 classic, “Life Is Just For Living“. The Commercial/Music Video, which was directed by Darren Scott, captures the essence of what makes Jamaica great along with Ernie meeting up Wayne and Mystic in a Bar. The video also paid respect to one of the earlier versions of the Beer’s bottle/logo designs and highlighted some moments in Jamaica’s past. Fun fact: this is the 2nd time Ernie Smith’s single was used for Red Stripe Beer as a version was made just for the brand (see 1st video below). When last have you had a Red Stripe? Grab a case and send me some! Drink responsibly! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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