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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): @Mutabaruka_Ja – Postpone Christmas (1983)

Season’s Greetings! We’re back with another Holiday themed Oldies Sunday! Stepping in with a selection is the one and only, Media Personality/Activist/Dub Poet/Author Mutabaruka! We go back to the year 1983 with “Postpone Christmas“! Produced by Earl “Chinna” Smith, this was released through the High Times Label. In the song, Muta speaks on those living pay cheque to pay cheque, poverty, those spending more than they earn, crime and violence, and calls for the postponement of the season until things are better. He puts the spotlight on issues that still affect many to this day and around this time of the year. Not your typical Christmas song, but something to think about. We hope you enjoyed our selection, please tune in next Sunday for another in the series! Big up Mutabaruka, lyrics like a Bazooka!

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NEW VIDEO: @DiGenius1 x @ChinoMcGregor – Zero Tolerance

The McGregor boys of Di Genius and Chino recently teamed up to deliver the visual for their single, “Zero Tolerance“. Directed by BiggzShip and Judeane Moore, we see them in mob mode ready to take a stance against the injustices happening in Jamaica. From poor performances displayed by Politicians to citizens suffering from poverty, Chino and Di Genius are armed with their crew ready to deliver a message to the nation. Off their upcoming G.M.T.A. (Great Minds Think Alike) project, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @RealIOctane – Rich Rich Rich


We all wish we can escape the grips of poverty. Today, I Octane sends a little uplift with his new single, “Rich Rich Rich“. Produced by Tru Ambassador Music, we hear Octane recalling his upbringing and seeing his mother struggle to make ends meet and encourages us all to get rich and change our lives. A great effort here as we all try to make it, whether we’re bloggers, entertainers, or graduates going through the 9 to 5 life. Encourage someone today by sharing the song below and your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @MusicalYouth30 – Pass The Dutchie (1982)

This generation rules the nation with version! Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from British Child Reggae Band, Musical Youth. Titled “Pass The Dutchie” and produced by Peter Collins in 1982, this is a song about facing extreme poverty. This song was redone version of the Mighty Diamonds’ hit “Pass The Kutchie” which was a song about smoking Marijuana. In the redone version, “Kutchie” was replaced with “Dutchie“, which was the name of a cooking pot.

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