OLDIES SUNDAY: @KingBeenieMan – Memories (1996)

Earlier this month American Rapper Kanye West’s 6th solo album “Yeezus” leaked, and the internet went crazy. One of the songs that leaked featured a sample from today’s Oldies Sunday artist, Beenie Man. Titled “Memories” and produced by Fat Eyes Records in 1996, Beenie encourages people to stop living in the past, speaks about activities that would happen in the “Wild West“, and a mix of why people would be ashamed of their skin colour and Africa.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Alton Ellis – Willow Tree (1967)

After dropping Raine Seville’s “Willow Tree” yesterday, I felt it was only right to play one of the original songs. Today I feature a song by the late Alton Ellis a.k.a. the GodFather of Rocksteady. Titled “Willow Tree” and produced by Coxsone Records in 1967, this was a cover of Chuck Jackson’s “My Willow Tree” which was done in 1962 but never made it to the music charts. This song is about finding new song all while sparing the “Willow Tree” from sharing the pain of past failed relationships.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @MusicalYouth30 – Pass The Dutchie (1982)

This generation rules the nation with version! Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from British Child Reggae Band, Musical Youth. Titled “Pass The Dutchie” and produced by Peter Collins in 1982, this is a song about facing extreme poverty. This song was redone version of the Mighty Diamonds’ hit “Pass The Kutchie” which was a song about smoking Marijuana. In the redone version, “Kutchie” was replaced with “Dutchie“, which was the name of a cooking pot.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Garnet Silk – Mama (1992)

In celebration of Mothers’ Day I feature another song as a tribute to mothers, this time it’s done by the late Garnet Silk. Titled “Mama” and produced by Courtney Cole in 1992, this was a cover version of Clarence Carter’s hit “Patches” which was done in 1970. “Patches” was also a cover of Chairmen of the Board’s hit which was also done in 1970. In the song Garnet sings about his mom being there for him all his life and even though his father died when he was very young his mom played both parental roles. He also sang about working hard to take care of his mom in return.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @SizzlaKalonji – Black Woman And Child (1996)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from a legendary Reggae Artist, Sizzla Kalonji. Titled “Black Woman And Child” which was produced by Bobby Digital and released in 1996, we hear Sizzla showing love and appreciation for the black woman, promoting consciousness, Africa as the mother of all mankind, and Queen Omega. “Black Woman And Child” is one of Sizzla’s most popular singles and is a part of 2nd album of the same name which was released in 1997.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @PuppaChezidek – Leave The Trees (2006)

In recognition of yesterday’s “420” celebrations, today I feature a song from Reggae artist Chezidek. Titled “Leave The Trees” and produced by Hugh “Bunny Dan” Miller for Our Promotions in 2006, Chezidek warns us about the effects of drugs and alcohol while proclaiming that Marijuana is beneficial to the people and should not be discarded by the law enforcement as burning it harms the environment. He also sings about the positive effects of Marijuana where it is medicine and can be made into clothing and proceeds from selling it could support families.

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