Mixtape Movements: @DJFusion876 Presents: Freestyle Chronicles Vol. 1


As a thank you to all supporters of Online Radio Station Blaze876 Radio, DJ Fusion released volume 1 in his “Freestyle Chronicles” series. With nearly an hour worth of popular music, this mix is sure to hold you over when you’re having a rough day on the job, and will keep you hyped for weeks. Be sure to tune in to Blaze876.com everyday for some of the best music mixed by DJ Fusion and many other Blaze DJs. Check out the mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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PRESS RELEASE: Spookie (@BrainTear_Music) Says They “Cah Tek Mi Life”

Spookie 3

Recording artiste Spookie has been blazing the airwaves with his hit single ‘Hurt It Up’ which has lead to him booking several shows in the UK. With this, the artiste is now back in studio and is seeking several other hits. “I received a great response from ‘Hurt It Up’ so I have to keep focused on making my next single bigger and better than the ones before” shared Spookie; but like many successful artistes, he has also come under fire. Spookie shared that he deals with his struggles by talking about them in his music, adding that his new single ‘Cah Tek Mi Life’ acts as a reminder to stay “motivated” and “focused”. He projected that his fans have given good responses to the words of the song because of its “realness”. “I recently released the single Cah Tek Mi Life which speaks to some of the issues I’m presently facing” shared Spookie “when you are successful it is important for you to keep focused and remind yourself to be positive even when people are not for you or with you”.

‘Cah Tek Mi Life’ came about while Spookie and dancehall artiste Vershon were in studio in Jamaica. The ‘Cah Tek Mi Life’ artiste was born in the inner-city community of Tower Hill in Kingston. He surpassed the belief that youths from those communities are not progressive and has made a career out of music. ‘Cah Tek Mi Life’ was produced by Spookie’s record label, Braintear Music and is creating a buzz in the UK market and soon in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Since his success in the music industry, Spookie has performed on stages with Black Rhino in Birmingham, United Kingdom; Demarco Good book UK Tour; and the Gully Bop Show in the UK to name a few. Spookie is now ready to commence his promotional tour in Jamaica this summer.

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NEW VIDEO: Chilando (@ShowDiVybzEnt) Performs At The Mobay Crab Festival


It was a lively time at the annual Mobay Crab Festival this past Labour Day Weekend. Held at Pier 1, the attendants not only enjoyed the delicacies, but also the performances. Recording artist Chilando was one of the artists booked to perform. Here he went through some of his singles including the popular “Long Bamboo” in which he held a Fluffy vs Slim dance contest on stage. Missed the performance? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @Marr_Reid – Stars Of Wonder


It’s getting fiery! Today’s new video comes from recording artist, Marr. Titled “Stars Of Wonder“, this was shot by No Folly Entertainment and directed by Celethia Wright, Marr speaks on his life and striving for greatness. Shot in his community, Marr is on a mission to be heard and is currently working on his “Rebellution” mixtape with 10 Star Records. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Get To Know @EladGideon


Elad Gideon is an upcoming artist that has a lot to say. Hailing from May Pen, Clarendon, he brings a rugged style that can be heard and felt by everyone. Get familiar with him below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Describe Elad Gideon in five words.

Militant, honest, expressive, calculated, and focused.

2. How did you come up with the name Elad Gideon?

My first name ‘Dale’ when reversed spells ‘Elad’ and the Hebrew word Gideon that means ‘Mighty Warrior’ is my street name. I wanted a name that represented me and my music, and those two words does just that!

3. What motto or advice do you live by?

Fortune favours the BOLD!!

4. Why choose a career in music?

I believe that because we only get one life to live, we should spend it doing something that makes you happy, and music makes me happy.

5. For persons who have never heard your sound, describe your music in five words.

Expressive, melodic, soulful, militant, rugged/gringo!

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